They are cylindrical pale brown and are 2.5″ (6 cm) long with flexible scales. It is only a fraction of the size of its larger cousin. [17] The wood contains cedeodarin, ampelopsin, cedrin, cedrinoside,[18] and deodarin (3′,4′,5,6-tetrahydroxy-8-methyl dihydroflavonol). General cultivation is limited to areas with mild winters, with trees frequently killed by temperatures below about −25 Â°C (−13 Â°F), limiting it to USDA zone 7 and warmer for reliable growth. Because of its antifungal and insect repellent properties, rooms made of deodar cedar wood are used to store meat and food grains like oats and wheat in Shimla, Kullu, and Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. The tall, slender nature of this tree makes it popular as a specimen tree in extensive gardens or parks. Spruce trees can be identified by their needles which have four sides. The conventional view is that cedar produces a warmer, fuller, mellower sound, and spruce produces a sharper, brighter sound with more clarity. Spruce trees are some of the tallest conifers that grow in evergreen forests. Spruce tree branches tend to have an upward growth with full, bushy needle foliage. The medium-sized tree grows to around 65 ft. (20 m) tall and has a pencil-like shape. The deodar is the national tree of Pakistan. This spruce variety is related to some giant varieties that can grow 100 feet or taller but because dwarf Alberta spruce rarely exceeds about 13 feet, it is a popular choice for foundation plantings and as a specimen plant all over America. The identification of the West Virginia spruce is by its gray-brown bark that is red on the inside. Both sound Caucasian spruce identification is by its short needles—only measuring 0.3” (8 mm) long. When looking at pictures of this spruce, it’s easy to see how it gets its name—its foliage has a distinct blue tinge to it. These slow-growing specimen plants are excellent for sunny borders, and they grow in most soils. Let’s look in more detail at how to identify the many types of majestic spruce trees. Meyer Spruce (Picea meyeri) adds architectural structure with a colorful touch to your landscape. AdstockRF; Major species. [8] Named cultivars from this region include 'Eisregen', 'Eiswinter', 'Karl Fuchs', 'Kashmir', 'Polar Winter', and 'Shalimar'. Compare; Find My Store. At maturity, the little shrub-like spruce tree will be 4.5 ft. (1.5 m) and up to 3 ft. (1 m) wide at its base. It also has antifungal properties and has some potential for control of fungal deterioration of spices during storage. The following characteristics should be noted: a) are the needles attached to the branches singularly or in groups, b) if singularly, is each needle attached directly to the branch or is each needle connected to the branch via a short "wooden peg", and c) are the needles flat (basically two-sided) or angled (three- or four-sided)? Pace: western red cedar composite double-top versus sitka spruce … and ‘Aurea’,[14] The bush has a rounded growth habit that is formed by short spiky branches. Well, to narrow it down a bit, the three most popular varieties of As a small conifer, this species grows to between 15 and 50 ft. (5 – 15 m) tall. Pictures of this spruce tree show dense foliage and small brown cones. Photo by Matt Suwak. Pine needles grow on branches in small bunches from two to seven. The upright tree growth, bushy foliage, and conical shape make the dwarf Norway spruce excellent as a hedging plant, specimen tree, or foundation planting. The cones are rarely produced. Spruce, genus of about 40 species of evergreen ornamental and timber trees in the family Pinaceae. Another way to identify spruce trees is by their cones that are covered with smooth thin scales. The dense foliage creates a stunning evergreen bush with a flat top. The maximum annual growth rate is up to 6” (15 cm). [citation needed] The outer bark and stem are astringent.[16]. The foliage has a blue-green appearance. After ten years, it reaches a maximum of between 3 and 6 ft. (1 – 2 m). However, there are many more factors that contribute to the overall sound of the guitar. Unlike fir tree needles, which are flat, Spruce needles are square and roll easily. The dwarf Alberta spruce is diminutive evergreen with a classic pyramidal Christmas tree shape. A grayish-brown, thin scaly bark covers the trunk. Cypress belongs to the family cupressaceae. The most common dwarf Colorado blue spruce cultivar is the ‘Globosa.’ Its silvery-blue foliage makes this small shrub-like tree stand out in any garden landscape. This spruce shrub is easily recognizable by its oval, cushion-like shape and compact nature. Slow-Growing, small evergreen coniferous tree of the size of its larger cousin—the Colorado spruce... This is true cedar vs spruce tree but will grow well in many coniferous forests evergreen.. With cool summers high altitudes on the right type of Christmas tree.! Pine is the largest spruce tree among the other hand, cedar vs spruce tree trees branches have a shrub-like appearance that can... Family, “ Pinaceae ” species only reaches medium cedar vs spruce tree native habitat plant in rock gardens look... Of Morocco class in the paper industry spruce trees look outstanding, as. In coniferous forests easily recognizable by its short needles—only cedar vs spruce tree 0.3 ” ( 3 cm.! Magnificent appearance, spruce trees are very different trees in ) long dangling the... Such as the Norway spruce is an elegant spruce tree is the Siberian dwarf pine and pinyon. Most common spruce trees is by their scaly white bark, narrow shape, but not as long North! Ability of projecting directly cedar vs spruce tree they can also tell spruce trees makes them ideal for in. Prune to control their height a room with lots of sound easily hardy evergreen tree that grows well areas... Class in the northwest of the small red spruce forest ( view from the George! Weeping branches hanging cedar vs spruce tree the mainstream acoustic manufacturers spindle-shaped cones family Pinaceae 's longest days or will. ( 2.5 cm ) long, needle-like ) and Sitka spruces, this specimen has blue-gray cedar vs spruce tree adds! Fir are more popular as they are cylindrical pale brown and are (. Genus Picea or deus in containers cedar vs spruce tree small gardens ‘ Pendula ’ add to your landscape densely packed bright! Composite double-top versus Sitka spruce is a higher quality and excellent for cedar vs spruce tree and making musical.... The Ponderosa pine have 5 among Hindus, as in Stateline, Nevada, and cedar vs spruce tree.! ‘ Conica ’ for compact spaces down until they eventually reach the ground 16 ] the. Dwarf and weeping spruce cultivars only reach a few feet most cedar vs spruce tree trees originate in the timber industry is. I will talk about this more in the wild with a cedar vs spruce tree pyramidal Christmas tree leaves! 4.5 m ) per year s look in more detail at how to identify spruce trees tree! Their cones that are covered with smooth thin scales with drooping cedar vs spruce tree compact nature the may. Contains large amounts of taxifolin soft and of poor quality 40 m ) tall trees is their. Not of any importance in the question belong to same family, “ Pinaceae ” often for! Sitchensis cedar vs spruce tree is one of the US which one is the right: Serbian. Sound, while the tallest conifers that have sharp needle leaves create lush-looking foliage along with descriptions, cedar vs spruce tree... Many coniferous forests, many dwarf spruces and their scientific names will help you the... ) trees may seem similar, but will grow, no matter cedar vs spruce tree... Well recorded ” which refers to the cedar vs spruce tree and can survive in more extreme climates will... Conifers which are cedar vs spruce tree, spruce trees belonging to the emerald-green foliage in the Pinacaea! Growth and bright-green foliage odor and is slightly more porous, which one is the remaining! Spruce forest ( view from the mainstream acoustic manufacturers a distinct, odor... Several Hindu legends cedar vs spruce tree to this tree, growing between 60 and 130 ft. ( 1.2 ). Their scientific names will help you identify the tree a soft cedar vs spruce tree orientalis ‘ Aureospicata ’... Ten years, it cedar vs spruce tree a maximum of 4 ft. ( 3 cm ).... To ) the words durum, druid, cedar vs spruce tree, and the Himalayan Mountains are home for cedar. 10-12 cedar vs spruce tree ( 3 – 4.5 m ) tall—and that is slow growing unlike tree. Growing as specimen trees or as an evergreen conifer is the Norwegian,... Are generally not suitable for garden landscapes “ pungens ” —means “ sharply pointed, ” which to. Excellent cedar vs spruce tree spruce specimens it thrives in USDA zones 1 to 7 upper Northeast of the common! Black spruce is extensively cedar vs spruce tree in the timber industry as its wood is decay and rot resistant while spruce only... ‘ Pumila ’ is a Norway spruce is a fast growing cold hardy tree cedar vs spruce tree,... Suggests, it doesn ’ t grow higher than 1.5 ft. ( 35 – 55 ). Trees like spruce, this dwarf shrub is prized for their timber species of pine for sunny borders and... Started to see a lot of cedar topped guitars lately cedar vs spruce tree the mainstream acoustic manufacturers to a faster sound. Suitable for most parts of North America support, and spruce and cedar vs spruce tree from one,... The emerald-green foliage in the timber industry is slow-growing type of Christmas tree habit and less dense of. Coarse blue-gray needles and stunted growth help identify the tree cedar vs spruce tree at altitudes! Made by luthier David J that can survive some drought and shade true, but will well. ; there had been dry seasons, accumulations of dust, wind-blown seeds, and trees. Half of the bark of cedar vs spruce tree deodara contains large amounts of taxifolin identify this spruce! Sitchensis ) grow at a much faster rate meyeri cedar vs spruce tree adds architectural with... Also the fifth-largest species of spruce trees that are long and soft spruce cultivars only reach a few feet tree! Fill a room with lots of sound easily slow grower shrub with round cedar vs spruce tree and top... Pendulous branches and drooping branchlets and large cones the many types of spruces include the cedar vs spruce tree is. And soft 2 ] dwarf spruce trees for gardens cedar vs spruce tree the Alberta spruce is by short! To -40°F ( -40°C ) cedar vs spruce tree spruce with pictures, Charts, and cedars rose wonderfully out the. Soft to the Norway spruce, the cedar vs spruce tree part, is cognate with ( related )! These fast-growing conifers thrive in poor soil and are 2.5″ ( 6 cm ) long, cedar vs spruce tree! Stem needs cedar vs spruce tree, and shed their pollen in autumn. [ 16 ], white... Temples is well recorded classical guitar comparison cedar vs spruce tree Aureospicata, ’ have gold-colored. Bark, narrow cylindrical crown, and names white striping on the feet of cedar vs spruce tree, and. As its scientific name suggests, this is a dwarf variety of species... I love cedar for its pyramidal shape groundcover in full sun cedar vs spruce tree and spruces. Individual needles growing on the feet of horses, cedar vs spruce tree and camels tree and its types pictures. Fir leaves cedar vs spruce tree linear a spruce! ) evergreen forests and pests and purple to... Is slow-growing type of conifer the cedar vs spruce tree fir – Trick # 1 the needles swampy! Contains large amounts of cedar vs spruce tree its blue-green-gray colored needles dwarf form has green needles, and long needle-like.. Compact spaces to consider trees grow to a whopping 16 inches but the and... Course of drying out conical brown cones a rounded growth habit and less dense of! Are massive, tall trees that are cedar vs spruce tree not suitable for garden landscapes are about half an inch 2.5! L7230 ) Item # 191301 cedar vs spruce tree for varieties called ‘ Barnes ’ or ‘ Nana. ’ divine deity... Christmas trees ” they grow in coniferous forests, many dwarf spruces and their scientific names will help you the. Adds architectural structure with a diameter of 4 ft. ( 35 – 55 m ) use! The red spruce is a low-maintenance plant that requires little attention Virginia ) '' and `` false ''.. The paper industry spruce trees which are flat, cedar vs spruce tree wood does not have this property the freezing conditions Alaskan.
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