You are correct in that air will lead to a decline in the quality, but automatic fish feeders are typically only used short term, when you are away from your fish. It can feed up to 3 times a day and portion size can be set between 0.1 and 0.5 cups. Many betta will happily last this long without food (they often woldn’t eat every day in the wild) Why not trial your fish at home not feeding for 5 days to see if that works – this way you won’t have to worry about buying an automated fish feeder. It also works with small to medium-sized pellets and sticks. Content found on is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice. Buy Automatic Fish Feeder Programmable Moisture-Proof Electric Auto Fish Feeder for Aquarium 200mL Capacity Black at It looks like it was originally written in chinese and was translated to english and not properly. The feeding container clips were too fragile, and the scoop-like design consistently dispensed too many pellets. This feeder features a quartz timer for scheduling the fish feeding. It is also useful while traveling when someone is away from home for a while. Thank you. Humid fish room? Built with versatility of placement in mind, the Pond King Floating Fish Feeder features a four-float design that ensures stability, even in the strongest storms. You know, shrimp wafers, sticks – things like that. So overall, the plastic version is more for indoor use while the other is for outdoor use. That’s the one thing I really want but haven’t found. To test this, I added 5 drops of water to the compartment of each fish food feeder – no built-in fan was able to dry it out in a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, that’s a risk with all automated fish feeders. But before you do that, however, I’m going to share some tips that I wish I knew when I bought my first automatic fish feeder all those years ago…. It allowed me to attach my airline tubing from my air pump to continuously blow air over the food, effectively eliminating moisture and condensation. Pretty cool, right? It is commonly recommended by beginners and expert aquarists alike. As the name suggests, an automatic fish feeder is an electronic device designed to feed your fish without you being nearby. When it comes to precise feeding, no automatic fish feeder did better than the Fish Mate F14. When it comes to fish feeders, location is everything. Unfortunately, this only works if you set the feeder on a flat surface. The automatic fish feeder from Alician is one of a standard style type for the feeder. A good all-rounder. Under $35.00 - apply Price filter. If you use an automatic fish feeder once per day, your fish food gets 10 seconds of that. A downside to having the ability to precisely control how much your fish are being fed is that that it holds less food than the barrel type. While the Intelli-Feed is by far the best choice if you have moisture problems, there were a few downsides – but by no means deal breakers – that stopped me from recommending it as the all round best automatic fish feeder. Feeder Function. The amount of food that is dispensed is determined by the opening on the barrel. However, they can handle many types of food (flakes, pellets, sticks). It is a gravity feeder, which means it has no electrical part. There are fish that are better affected if they are fed several times a day than if they are only in the morning and evening. But if you just don’t want to deal with it that many times, you can still buy one. Rather, buy something that is greater than necessary and go for sure. Hi, my names Ian. I keep trying to use my fish feeder with flakes and they keep clumping together. You don’t want to reprogram your automatic fish feeder each time you swap out the batteries. Well, while not much else may have changed, at least Eheim did change the name. The rotating barrel variety worked well on small to medium-sized foods. However, we had to pass it up given that it is not readily available on our home turf (United States.) The same idea could be used for feeding other pets or for an indoor aquarium. The feeder has a chute through which it dispenses the feed into the water. The Daily Double II was preset to dispense food every 12 hours and could not be adjusted. On the other hand, with proper maintenance, they have a much longer lifespan and better weather resistance. This is especially true if you are buying an automatic pond feeder for outdoor use. Well the fish is about to celebrate his 1st birthday and we find ourselves having to go away for a few days. Or at least be there with them when the feeder feeds them. Here, it is important for the fish to go where the feeder is. Eheim feeders are one of the only ones I tested that can retain their settings when you remove the batteries. My top pick, discussed later in this guide, excels in these areas. Get the best deals on Pond Fish Feeders when you shop the largest online selection at What are the different types of automatic fish feeders? They feel much better if they are fed at the same time every day. By using this guide, you can narrow down the best automatic fish feeder for your tank. Tough to tell these days what is advertiser-driven and what is objective. In this case, it is good to have a warranty with the product. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a great example of fine German engineering, but it just didn’t check the same boxes as my top picks. Here is an automatic fish … If you want to hang it somewhere to feed your fish this way, it will definitely be a more expensive solution. Every time I do this, my fish are overfed. I mean, no one wants their fish food to go soggy and clump together, right? It doesn’t matter whether you have a saltwater tank or a freshwater one…. Unfortunately, these features are added to make a product look better than the competition rather than be of practical use to the consumer. I keep tropical fish in a 200 litre tank and usually use tropical flake food. Do not use it with flakes or crisps. Quite a few of t hem have gone “swimming” when I accidentally knocked them in the tanks so I restricted myself to using them only while I’m traveling. Then have them release at different times throughout the day. However, it is worth choosing from the best quality products. And if you open your tube of fish flakes, you will see why. Open your mouth and say “ssssssssssssssssssssssss” – you feel that breeze coming out of your mouth? The mounting accessories are included with the product. There is no digital display, and you cannot choose a precise time to feed your fish. It’s Unfortunately, it’s just the waiting game for you now. These devices are also useful when you are away from home for several days. A piece glued to the hood and another to your fish feeder will protect it from most bumps. 1. Click & Collect. At this price you could by any of our top two picks three times over. It does not require expertise. I am thinking I might have to ask a neighbor to stop in once a day. Add to this the fact that the built-in ventilation fans are not very powerful at all. While sourcing automatic fish food feeders for this review, I could not find one with more than 14 compartments. With the ability to program the feeder to dispense up to 4 times each day, you have flexibility in feeding. Every rotating barrel fish feeder that I reviewed allowed me to adjust the opening according to the type of food I was using – wider for bigger food and narrower for smaller food. While I may love its little brother, the Eheim TWIN Automatic Feeder fell just a bit off the mark. If you want to go away for an extended period of time, this should be your number-one choice. Any rotating barrel feeder is likely going to overfeed to the point of problems in a 5 gallon tank. The DoPhin AF013, which is sold under many different names including Nicrew and Goobat, is basically a generic version of my top pick, the Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder. While it’s certainly affordable, spending a few more dollars will reward you with a superior automatic fish feeder. This compact AquaPro automatic fish feeder is varmint resistant, has a built-in sight glass, powder coated in hunter green color and is constructed from both heavy gauge steel and 1" galvanized angle iron. Keep your fishy friends fed and happy, even when you’re away from home with the programmable convenience of the Read the full review here. Thank you, sir. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Auto Tank Fish Feeder Pond Tank Aquarium Automatic Clock Timer Food Dispenser. Automatic pond fish feeders have several advantages. But there is no denying that an automatic fish feeder can be a reliable solution to feeding your fish when you are away from home. As you see, an automatic fish feeder is a darn useful piece of aquarium equipment. or to work (boo!). Now, it might not look like much, but for a single betta, that is waaaaaaaaay too much food. Best indoor rabbit cages in 2020 – Reviews and buying guide, Best rabbit bedding with a full guide and reviews, Best turtle tank filters in 2020 – reviews and buying guide. The Koi Café ® is the ideal automatic fish feeder for your Koi pond or backyard water garden. How to choose the best automatic pond feeder? I would adjust the opening, test the feeder 10 times to see how much food was dispensed and tried again if necessary. FEATURES. Available with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. A piece of tape over the dispenser adjuster prevents you from accidentally changing the setting when you refill it. There are some important aspects you need to think through before making a final decision. You only need to strap it to one tree. Especially if you plan to buy such a feeder outdoors. I should have known better with how confusing the instructions were. I would have loved to have tested the Grasslin, it actually came up while we were deciding which automatic fish feeders to test. But it is possible to mount it on a different type of stand. Especially if you plan on upgrading your aquarium. I was surprised to discover that the Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder is only marginally more expensive than the cheapest options. Surprised nothing has come along thats better. With air constantly blowing over the food, it eliminated any trace of moisture. It is most common in indoor ponds and large aquariums. As you see, an automatic fish feeder is a darn useful piece of aquarium equipment. I cannot recommend any automatic fish feeder that does not have this option. After all, you only need to refill the fish feeder if there is little food left in it. If you are simply attaching the fish feeder to the rim of your aquarium, use the clamps provided in the box. Therefore, if you install it near your house, be careful not to set the feeding time too early or too late. Save this search. That’s what you will experience if you buy the Hydor Automatic Aquarium Feeder. And once it’s done, you’ll never have to worry about it again. Metal versions are heavier, more expensive, and more easily rusted. Check it out. It doesn’t matter whether you need your fish fed in a small tank, a large reef tank or your pond, there is an automatic fish feeder to suit your needs. Unfortunately for us here in the United States, it’s not a product that is readily available. Sounds like a handy feature. Here is my experience from testing…. $79.87. It’s hard to keep up. And each time, you can make the container spin once or twice, depending on how much food you want to dispense. I have never heard of the brand “warm tone” – you might have to take it for a test run and see when and how often it turns. You must purchase 4 C batteries separately. No rotating barrel fish feeder consistently served large-sized wafers. But like I said, it won’t show up in the long run. Your suggestion for using Eheim feeder is excellent! What would be the best option in this situation? I’ve used the Eheim feeders for many years. It doesn’t matter if you build it yourself or hire someone. Use a piece of tape to cover part of the dispenser on your automatic fish feeder. However, an automatic fish feeder also has a more practical purpose: It’s a great way to feed your fish while you are away from home – like if you go on vacation (yay!) The Fish mate automatic feeder is designed for smaller ponds, as well as larger aquariums. High evaporation? Although we have seen the many advantages of automatic pond fish feeders, I must also mention the disadvantages: I definitely have to talk about this as one of the disadvantages. It allows you to test and adjust how much food is being dispensed without waiting for hours until the pre-programmed feeding time rolls around. To add to the frustration, an automatic fish feeder can dispense different portions according to how full the container is…. This is a fairly convenient and fast solution. What automatic fish tank feeder would you recommend bearing it must have enough storage capacity to last for a month Thank you Terry. That’s what, 10 seconds at most? You may want to choose a product whose feed hopper is moisture resistant and air-tight. That sounds like an awful experience. 4.25L LCD Display Digital Automatic Pond Fish Tank Aquarium Feeder Food . Outside of the top three I listed in this article, I don’t really recommend any others. You can program the feeder to provide only a certain amount of food to the fish. I understand that each fish owner will have their own unique needs. But that doesn’t mean an automatic fish feeder isn’t right for you…. But with the lid removed it works great and will dispense the right mix of food everytime. This is the way all circular fish feeders with compartments seem to operate. You can mount these pond fish feeders on the edge of the pond. If you have identified that your tank has a moisture problem, I suggest swapping to a different type of fish food. . You can even put different foods in each tray, say flakes in one and pellets in another. Automatic Koi Fish Feeders. An affordable automatic feeder which would be ideal for smaller ponds or goldfish ponds. The closest thing we have is the F14 fish feeder, which is still pretty great. I found that it doesnt really work so well with the protecting lid on as moisture gets captured and will make the food stick to the little trays and wont fall out so easy. For me they been nothing but trouble. You can set the dosages accurately on it. If it overfeeds, you are at risk of ammonia spikes, which can be just as deadly. I’m glad to hear that our rigorous testing produced the same outcome as your real-world experience. You can use the fishmate feeder. The Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder was unbeatable and offered the best value for your money. Replacement - Hopper for the P7000 - AN-348 / 348. Hi Ian, thanks for your reply. For occasional use, it’s less of an issue. Today, I am going to answer that question and more. That’s only 2 weeks of feeding at one feeding session per day. It’s this inconsistent size that made it difficult to achieve the “perfect pinch of food” to feed my fish. They usually run on battery or electricity. After doing so, the portion sizes became more consistent…. Automatic fish feeders do work. Besides, it comes with a three-year warranty, which is quite impressive. For example, if your fish eats 5 pellets then 3 to 7 pellets would be acceptable. I am embarrassed to say that it was this event that led me to buy an automatic fish food feeder. The Fish Mate P7000 feeder also has other good features. But if you forget, or aren’t around, then your fish buddies don’t eat. Let’s look at these: If you don’t have time to feed your fish regularly, these feeders are very useful. Can you please recommend me a fish feeder? Tank water spraying your fish feeder? They certainly can’t. No matter your fish’s diet or how often you feed, there is an automatic fish feeder for you! At first, it can be hard to learn to set them up, but it’s worth taking the time to do so. All Seasons Feeders offers Automatic Fish Feeders that makes feeding your pond or lake fishes easy & help them to grow and be more healthy. Relax as Eheim handles your fish feeding. Your email address will not be published. However, since the hanging feeder spreads the food from a relatively high height, it works best with pellets. If you breed fish for sale, the situation may be quite different. Too close to your overflow and any food that is dispensed will get sucked away. If Grasslin ever releases their automatic fish feeder in America, we will update this guide to include it! Required fields are marked *. ), 3 best and most reliable timers for your aquarium (19+ Tested), The best aquarium net for your fish tank (Over 30 tested!). $129.99. Anyway, you might want to read the full article because I’ve put together some helpful tips on the subject. The former is much lighter, waterproof, and stainless. As Lifegard Aquatics shows us, the best way to stop fish food from clumping is to prevent water from reaching it altogether. With the tape in place, the rotating barrel fish feeders outperformed portion control fish feeders when dispensing betta pellets – the small pellets would get stuck against the wall of the trays. Luckily, you have complete control over that. Featuring large-scale motors with agitator rods that extend into the hopper. Success – pellets no longer pour out of your automatic fish feeder like a waterfall. As you can see, automatic pond feeders provide a simple and convenient solution in case you need to regularize your fish’s feeding. The warm tone brand is from china so maybe that is why you haven’t heard of it. At the time of writing this, there was no automatic feeder for frozen food available. I have a beautiful Betta in a cycled and heated 5 gallon tank. The former version is cheaper. You are relying on the device to keep your fish fed while you are on vacation. You can’t just mix sinking pellets and fish flakes in the barrel and expect them to be evenly dispensed when feeding time rolls around – one type of fish food per rotating barrel fish feeder works best. I have found the Grässlin rondomatic 400 which seems to be able to do this, but looks to be quite expensive. This feeder works well with larger ponds or smaller lakes. Let me know in the comments below! Some brands hold up to 6 weeks’ worth of fish food… Perfect for that extended vacation. Not only that but I paid more for it than your recommendation here. If you do want to try again, I am confident you will have a better experience with the top picks listed in this guide. $33.98. I’m going to have to wait 24 hrs to see if it really works. Also, this type of automatic fish feeder is not suitable for large-sized dried foods. Getting this right is surprisingly time-intensive since it requires trial and error. Let’s take a closer look at the two most common types of fish feeders and the pros and cons of each. Since it was a fair fish and I was not expecting more than a few months (if that) I ran with her to the store and got her a 5 gallon tank. While you can get it through specialist fish stores, it can be difficult to track down, so I didn’t include it in the round-up. Fish feeder type, location, and quantity depend on your pond size and the fish species you want to feed. If you have moisture issues, the first thing you should do is stop water splashing or spraying your fish feeder. Automatic Pet Feeder: I needed a reliable fish feeder for my pond for when I'm away. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This was easily fixed by lightly crushing any flakes I added to the auto fish feeders. However, you can also hang over the water. Of course, it depends on what height you installed the product. Also, due to the way the tray system works, this automatic fish feeder is not suitable for small foods like betta pellets. I bought a Top Fin Automatic Feeder and it only lasted a week before it failed. Fish are simple but very special animals. ), The 2 Best And Safest Power Strips For Your Aquarium! The Penn-Plax Daily Double II was one of the cheapest automatic fish feeders I reviewed. Unfortunately, you would likely have the same issue with it slowly releasing food. MSRP: $1,049.00 You save: $130.00 Sale Price: $919.00 CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. If you feed your fish several times a day, it is very important that these feeds take place at the same time. If you are looking for a feeder for outdoor use only, I recommend the Wildgame Innovations Tri-Pod Deer Feeder. I would love to compare the JBL Autofood, but it looks like this fish feeder is only available in Europe. Using an automatic fish pond feeder filled with pellet feed is the ideal method to feed many species of forage fish. The Wildgame feeder can deliver food to your fish up to 30 feet away. Just one problem… The food my fish eat is likely very different from what your fish eat. These are the only fishfeeders I know of that dispense pre-measured amounts. Specially designed to dispense round and cylindrical fish food, ideal for maintaining catfish, bream and other varieties of fish. The Fish Mate P7000 is a 1.8 US gallon (7 liter) maximum capacity feeder with an automatic release mechanism, and support for programmable auto daily feeding. Well, I am not convinced that a fan is the solution to your condensation problems. Would the Fish Mate not work with flakes or just difficult to make it work properly? However, I have a question on the integrated fan and ventilation system. Or they are hanged with a proper hanging arrangement. That’s really all there is to it. When this happens, none or not enough food will get dispensed. Your comment will appear after it is approved by our staff. Automatic fish feeders also take this burden off your shoulders. I mentioned above that you can save money with these devices in the long run. I wish I read this first. I did find that the downward-facing opening on the dispenser made the food more prone to moisture than other fish feeders. State-of-the-art digital electronics with battery charge indicator. The only solution I see is gluing something to the wall of each compartment, reducing it’s size, causing the food to stack. $21.43 shipping. Of course, if you have time for that. Koi Cafe Automatic Koi Feeder. And in an aquarium, fish don’t have the means to feed themselves. Is there any that’ll let you schedule an “every other day” or “every couple of days” routine? But if you feed two or three times a day, then it lasts significantly less. Instead, focus on adjusting the fish feeder so that it dispenses a consistent range. I've been keeping fish for over 30 years and currently have 4 different aquariums – it's an addiction. Thanks! Because of this, it doesn’t happen in a large area. In my opinion, this was also an essential feature. Enquire. While Hydor and Eheim include Velcro in the box, and I applaud them for it, but the small square provided didn’t compare to this industrial strength Velcro. Not a problem! Texas Hunter 250 lb. They rely on you. Able to be pole-mounted or suspended over the edge of the water, this versatile feeder utilizes slow dispensing technology to gradually feed one meal per day over the course of several hours for up to 21 days of continous feeding. The Wildgame’s product is very reliable and as a 30-gallon feeder, it can be used in a variety of ways. ANYEFY Automatic Feeders for Fish Automatic Fish Feeder,Premium Eco-Friendly Durable Pond Fish Provide Low Power Consumption Adjustable Two Methods Fish … Automatic fish feeders are electronic devices that feed your fish when you are not around. $44.99. If it was half the price, it could have been in the running for my top choice. (13+ Tested), The #1 best aquarium water changer for easy maintenance (5 tested! Many automatic fish feeders I tested mount onto your tank in one of two ways…. The capacity of the container is around 4.65 liter, which is around 1.5 kilos of the fish … Unfortunately, we only review products available on our home turf (United States.). You can use the product primarily for ground mounting. Hi I am going on vacation for a month. Free postage. I've been feeding the fish by hand for a few years now. Now, it’s time to set it up. I will be very interested to hear your thoughts. The casting mechanism of the feeders may be different. Choose a product that can be programmed to feed at least three times a day. While it doesn’t include that many fancy programmability options, this product can be an affordable alternative to feeding fish. PondMax automatic fish feeder will feed your fish what ever the weather. If you consider multiple feedings to be essential, then skip over any feeder without it. For the same price, you can buy two Eheim fish feeders and still have change left over. If your fish eats frozen food, consider switching over to a freeze-dried food, like this one, which will work with an automatic fish feeder. Even on the smallest setting, too much food was dispensed. Flaked foods caused the dispenser to clog, and for the price, you can buy two Eheim Everyday Fish Feeders. I know I can go without feeding him but I feel bad about doing that and my daughter won’t let me so I am looking at options. I think the Eheim fish feeder is a great example of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’. It attempts to do everything that Eheim does but not with the same degree of polish. When you are at home, you would feed your fish as normal. I will write more about this later. This is a very in-depth analysis of various fish feeders, so I’m sure you have done quite a bit of research. It might seem like a pain in the butt, but all told it took less than 15 minutes to properly adjust each automatic fish feeder. For starters, this feeder is expensive. So while a fish feeder is not an essential aquarium product, it can definitely be useful. If you buy anything else it will break and you will end up buying the eheim anyway. Glad to hear you are enjoying our recommendation! Note: Automatic fish food feeders are for dried food only. You’ll have to read the instructions for this one. I made a number o… It was last year when I decided to binge-watch Scrubs on Netflix, which I highly recommend by the way! Before I move on, I would like to add that out of all the foods I tested, flakes were the most prone to absorbing moisture and clumping together. The feeder has a durable steel tripod which is rustproof too. If you are still having trouble, you might not be going through the feeder container fast enough. By adjusting the opening, you decide whether your fish receive an entrée-sized meal or a main course. Big automatic fish feeders are quite expensive. Automatic pond fish feeders can be ground-mounted or suspended over the water. I have been using the eheim fish feeder since it used to be called the feedair all those years ago. You can also have a greater energy bill. Small foods, such as the micro-pellets that your betta goes crazy for didn’t fare so well. While a good quality automatic fish feeder is a reliable product, it never hurts to be safe. I only use granular food for small cyprinid fish. The product’s hopper is air-tight and weatherproof. I would call it the poor man’s Eheim fish feeder. Like a snowflake, each fish flake is a different size and shape. I have read the instructions, but it doesn’t say anything about what time it dispenses. I preferred the approach of my other top pick, the Fish Mate F14. Finally, we get to large-sized fish foods. This is a problem that affects any automatic fish feeder with an always-open dispenser… It’s basically inviting water to enter your feeder. The Rondomatic is somewhat of a rarity in America. By combining algae wafers and fish flakes into one tray, you can feed your neon tetras and shrimp at the same time. Fish Mate has been one of the most popular brands in this industry for about 30 years. The hopper has a capacity of 6.5 lbs. In no particular order, here are the runners-up along with why they were edged out by my top picks. To me, ‘Feedair’ is a pretty bad name for a product. Pellets are slightly larger and should have no problem being pushed as the container rotates. You know, the type that grandma uses so that she remembers to take her meds. You can save money in the long run as less food is wasted.

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