krylon® uv-resistant clear gloss $12.99 Quickview. Eagle Supreme Seal is non-yellowing to preserve all types of plain and decorative concrete such as colored, stamped and exposed aggregate. Protect and beautify your exposed aggregate concrete with a wet looking, high gloss sealer. var revapi3, htmlDiv.innerHTML = ""; Clear-A-Thane™ Sealer is a non-yellowing, water based sealer. Not Available to Ship. For best results, always apply EAGLE GLOSS COAT in two (2) thin coats to achieve net square foot coverage rate. Call us at 519-745-6007. hideSliderAtLimit:0, ... About us About Lowe’s Canada Careers Suppliers Become a RONA dealer Contests and Winners Newsletter Gift cards Media Relations ECO products COVID-19. Note: Super Seal 30 is not suggested for Clay Pavers. Protect and beautify your concrete with this durable, UV-resistant formula. It has excellent gloss, color retention, good chemical and solvent resistance. Acrow-Richmond sealer is an economical curing and sealing compound formulated from acrylic polymers and quick-evaporating solvents. Exposed aggregate concrete sealer. {c: '#rev_slider_3_1', responsiveLevels: [1240,1024,778,480], gridwidth: [2200,1400,778,480], gridheight: [650,550,202,240], sliderLayout: 'fullwidth'}); For EXTERIOR application ONLY. AR Acrylic Sealer. levels:[2,3,4,5,6,7,12,16,10,50,47,48,49,50,51,55], If you’re looking for shine, EAGLE GLOSS COAT is it! Can’t find us? It dries to a clear transparent wet looking glossy film. Available in gloss and satin finishes. hideCaptionAtLimit:0, dottedOverlay:"none", I am very pleased with this product. delay:9000, I also re-stained with Eagle Stain in Amber. Gloss Coat went on good with a 3/4 nap roller, if I were to do it again I would get a thicker nap roller for my concrete. The warehouse and corporate offices are easily accessible from Homer Watson Blvd, Conestoga Expressway(Hwy 8), Bleams Raod and the 401. Eagle 5 Gal. Eagle Gloss Coat Clear is a high-gloss, durable acrylic film that should be used on all types of decorative concrete. It provides interior/exterior protection against staining, water penetration, acids, alkalis and UV light. It’s also great for protecting concrete pavers or any acid-stained concrete surfaces. } Valid until September 30, 2020. Protect and beautify your concrete with this durable, UV-resistant formula. Do not pour directly from container onto concrete. GLOSS COAT is non-yellowing and contains UV inhibitors which preserve the appearance and clarity of the sealer. Brush may be used where roller won’t reach. shadow:0, spinner:"off", A complete line of exterior and interior caulkings for common and specialized applications. Being an asphalt sealer, the E-Z stir driveway filler does not emit any harmful odors. Units I & J The smell of the sealer is very strong. FOR COMPLEX CURVES. The Eagle high gloss concrete sealer is a great sealer if you are looking for a cheap, easy to apply sealer that will leave a nice high gloss finish. Nice gloss, brings back the colors in the stone. Recommended Use: Recommended as a sealer epoxy. Sealing solely with a penetrating sealer is not appropriate for food areas. One coat will result in a high gloss sheen depending on porosity of brick. 52 McIntyre Place, NET COVERAGE RATE: 100 sq. Eagle 5-Gal. 52 McIntyre Place, It is an advanced self leveling formula that allows projects to be completed in one coat. I cross-rolled perpendicular to the first coat. Clear Coat High Gloss Oil-Based Acrylic Topping Over Solid Sealer to coat my concrete floors. It had not been sealed in 20 years. Eagle Supreme Seal is a tough, high solids, pure acrylic concrete sealer designed to protect and beautify concrete & pavers with long lasting results. debugMode:false, Super Seal 30 in Clear on Exposed Aggregate Sealer - High-Gloss Sealer. Resists gasoline, oil and de-icing salts. Self priming and reseals easily var htmlDiv = document.getElementById("rs-plugin-settings-inline-css"); var htmlDivCss=""; Eagle High Gloss Concrete Sealer review. Do not thin product. Use on aggregate, concrete, … Gloss Coat Brown Tinted Semi-Transparent Wet Look Solvent-Based Acrylic Exposed Aggregate Concrete Sealer Model# EUB5 $ 109 97 $ 109 97. Protect and beautify your concrete with this durable, UV-resistant formula. Eagle premium coat is also a durable protective coating with added if(htmlDiv) { Most recommend sealing with a gloss sealer and then applying food grade beeswax polish – but other finishes are also used. High-gloss wet look. feet per gallon or 500 sq. Protects from sun, water and household-chemical damage. Extra coats will result in a higher gloss. revslider_showDoubleJqueryError("#rev_slider_3_1"); type:"mouse", Coverage is about 100 sq. Government of Canada Energy Savings Rebate Program get 25% Instant Rebate on selected ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifiers, smart thermostats and air purifiers. Clear High Gloss Oil Based Acrylic Chattahoochee Sealer in Varnish. Allow basecoated surfaces to completely dry before stenciling. ft. – 300 sq. N2R 1H9. Ratings and reviews of the Eagle High Gloss Concrete Sealer. }; /* END OF revapi call */ Where you purchase the sealer can also impact the price, as taxes and other factors can influence the cost. gridwidth:[2200,1400,778,480], Gloss Coat Brown Tinted Semi-Tranparent Wet Look Solvent-Based Acrylic Exposed Aggregate Concrete Sealer: Tools & Home Improvement sliderType:"hero", Seals concrete pavers. sliderLayout:"fullwidth", Eagle Sealer specializes in high quality decorative concrete coatings. revapi3 = tpj("#rev_slider_3_1").show().revolution({ Never get stuck without the right product for the job. disableProgressBar:"on", feet per five gallons. Shop MAPEI 1-qt High-Gloss Sealer and Finish at Lowe's Canada online store. autoHeight:"off", This is a popular sealer for homeowners mostly because of the low price point and it can be found on the shelf at Home Depot stores. disableFocusListener:false, After an application of this sealer, it will yield a beautiful, glossy wet look that will have your visitors thinking you’ve just installed your pavers. To wrap easily around a complex curve, cut slits into edges of stencils prior to adhering to surface. 49. Article #6378057. AR High Gloss Acrylic Sealer Super Seal 30 Comes in Clear and Brown Tinted. }, Cures and seals fresh concrete. The warehouse and corporate offices are easily accessible from Homer Watson Blvd, Conestoga Expressway(Hwy 8), Bleams Raod and the 401. Not Available to Ship. }); Smooth Troweled (etch required): 300 ft² per gallon, Exposed Aggregate and Pavers: 100 ft² per gallon, NOTE: Due to shipping or VOC regulations PREMIUM COAT is limited to these listed states - AL, AR, CO, FL, GA, ID, IA, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NM, NC, ND, NV, OK, OR, SC, SD, TN, TX, VT, WA, WV, WI, WY, For more info on VOC regulations in your area click here, © 2017 EAGLE I.F.P. gridheight:[650,550,202,240], Eagle Gloss Coat Clear is a high-gloss, durable acrylic film that should be used on all types of decorative concrete. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 13. }()); /* END OF WRAPPING FUNCTION */. $40.49 $ 40. Urethane spray foams for window/doors, large gaps/penetrations, special projects or even complete walls and floors. 1 ¼â€ nap roller for exposed aggregate Units I & J From dyed, stained, stamped, smooth or exposed aggregate, GLOSS COAT provides an exceptional, high-gloss coating that will protect your concrete for years to come and is available in "CLEAR" or "BROWN" tinted. }; /* END OF ON LOAD FUNCTION */ Products include thermoplastics, silicones, urethanes, latex, siliconized- latex, as well firestop caulkings. Secures the concrete from harmful substances like oils UV rays and gasoline. I resealed my stamped concrete with Eagle Gloss Coat Clear.

eagle gloss sealer canada

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