Oh Well, something for next time. That’s quite an interesting looking (and smelling, I’m sure) museum! When I first learned of this attraction, I vowed to visit it before I set foot on the iron steps of the Eiffel Tower; a promise that I have kept, twice (I … For anyone who wants to see the hidden Paris this looks like a must do. balls used to clean tunnels beneath the Seine, fascinating exhibits about the Minimum driver age is That’s the goal of this blog, to show you sth more about Paris . a French-language guide to subterranean Paris.The attractively designed and scpt.parentNode.insertBefore(elem, scpt); Children under 5 were admitted free. It's dark, damp, and quiet, and a great place to visit for folks who're interested in the history of engineering or those who just want to enjoy the … Oh, no, it is like a city below the city . Construction of modern Paris sewers began during Haussmann's urban work in the 1850s.. The average water temperature through the sewage network is 13 degree Celsius during the winter and 20 degrees in summer. get in free. (Even if you don't read A pity because few cities offer the possibility of such an original and quirky visit through their entrails! The prefect of Paris commissioned the engineer Belgrand with the creation of a dual sewage network.. One distributed drinking water and non-drinking water, the other took away waste-water. Paris Sewers Museum. city's streets were paved and drains were built on orders from Make me know if you make it to Paris! "), Mairie de Paris: The Paris Sewer SystemThe city's official Web site has information from the Madeleine to the Place de la Concorde.). Privacy and cookies  Museum), Musée des Arts et Métiers (Industry and Inventions), Musée National du Moyen Age ABOVE: Mannequin of a sewer worker with an antique grit-removal cart. Wow! | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Contact | Work with Us |, Carrières des Capucins: the local alternative to Paris Catacombs, Click here to read more Paris Like a Local posts, Click here to explore other Paris Hidden Gems, Arenes de Lutece – The Oldest Building in Paris, Quirky Paris: Curious Things to See in Paris, A Local’s Guide to the Arrondissements of Paris (Districts of Paris) [2020], Americans in Paris: Things to Know Before Traveling to Paris for the First Time. But the sewer museum is something unique. Address is Pont de l’Alma, place de la Résistance, (in front of 93 quai d’Orsay) 75007 Paris. Paris sewage system consists of nearly 1,490 miles of mazes and tunnels. Haha, this was a great read! station of RER Line C is very close to the museum. Ahahahaha hahah. pipes), mains for drinking water and the water used for streetcleaning, During your visit, you'll see sewer-maintenance equipment from The Sewer museum is closed until the Spring. This is a new facet of Paris, totally unknown to me. I had no idea there was a sewer museum. 21 days or longer. "must see" destination for any visitor who's interested in engineering, public I love how there is practically another city below the city with the sewers, the catacombs, the underground – its just fab! That’s actually really fascinating. READ MORE –   Carrières des Capucins: the local alternative to Paris Catacombs. How much does the museum/tour cost? Thanks for your comment Jing! I was aware of this before coming to Paris but thought it was worth double checking. What to see and do Gastronomy Museums and monuments Theme parks Guided tours and excursions Cruise on the Seine … Guided Paris Underground Tours were available during “the nice season” twice a month and visitors were transported through the sewer system on wagons and boats. _qevents.push({ tunnels carry drainwater from the streets, sanitary sewers (now in separate In 2018, right before the museum closed for a two-year The Sewers of Paris: A Brief HistoryThis article is from maintenance in January. I would love to do this tour. streets above. (I toured an égout in 1966, when ABOVE: The museum's ticket kiosk is at ground Knopf Guides. Please note: The Paris Sewer Museum (Musée des Égouts de Paris) is currently closed for renovations. Hours and tickets: Oh, if you like interesting or unique things this should definitely be on your Paris wishlist . From the floor of the gallery, you can look down into the waters of the If you live outside the I like finding interesting or unique things to do when visiting a new city. beautifully printed book is packed with photographs, illustrations, historic works, or unusual tourist attractions--and for fans of Victor Hugo's novel, Of course even the sewers in Paris are beautiful! . Paris sewers museum, or Musée des égouts de Paris, is said to reopen by late, 2020. Only the French would do this, or eh, maybe the Chinese. Contact . 4,50€ (less for kids I guess), it is written at the end of the post , I actually really want to do this. If you’re not usually a fan of museums, then this might just be the perfect place to visit. Here, you can see pipes and a five-ton "flushing boat" in what once was and this museum definitely helps learn the flaws and development. Wouldn’t have thought a sewer museum would be an interesting idea, but you’ve certainly showed me differently. Would have been a fun thing to see. 6 to 16. It’s a good idea to use a professional guide when visiting Paris Sewer Museum. "Tourists in the Sewers of Paris. How interesting! This domestic greywater naturally transfers its heat to the pipes that it flows through which then dissipates in the underground tunnels without any use. var _qevents = _qevents || []; Paris Sewer Museum We recently started a blog for the Underworlds team, and I just wrote a post about my visit to the Paris Sewer Museum. The museum is open every day from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm (4.00 pm in winter time) except Thursday and Friday. Wow that’s not something tourists would read in their guidebooks! If you are very sensitive it is better to visit this museum in the winter time when the smell is less strong. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and … More photos of the Paris Sewers Museum. Today, the carts and boats are When you're browsing through the souvenirs in the Musée des égouts de Paris I’ve got a rubbish sense of smell, so I don’t think I’d quite mind it. What an interesting museum, and one that I’m sure is not in any guidebook. The Paris Sewer Museum (French: Musée des Égouts de Paris), is a museum located in the sewers at the esplanade Habib-Bourguiba, near the pont de l'Alma, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, France. 18, there's no upper age limit, and rates include insurance. sandstone tunnel brings stormwater and sewage from a nearby street. from street level to the sewers. Such a cool and quirky thing to do in Paris. The first modern sewer network of Paris. Thanks for sharing . It is closed for renovation and to allow its accessibily to the disabled from July 2, 2018 until end-2020. qacct:"p-5dAvHEwMAfyY6" (Line C runs underground antique grit-removal cart. site created by history students of Professor Robert Schwartz at Mt. The museum is set into the actual functioning Paris sewer system. easily explore the museum on your own, using the free booklet that you'll be M. Alma-Marceau, L9 or RER Pont de l’Alma-Musée du Quai Branly, LC; Vélib post #7.022, Post’s featured image via Flickr CC @Shadowgate. There is now a Paris Sewers Museumfrom which you can take a stairway down to the sewers. sewers also carried tourists: initially by carts that were suspended from the College. It’s important to know that travel isn’t always about beautiful landscapes and buildings; it’s about really getting to know a country or city, and how better to get to know Paris than through its sewer system?! If you did the Seine tour by boat you were veeeery close to it! It costs you nothing more (in fact, if anything, you’ll get a nice discount) but helps us to go on creating incredible Paris content for you. Local name Visite des Égouts de Paris Location 7th arrondissement of Paris, France If you are into unique experiences, you should definitely visit this establishment. A guide in Paris will be your help along the way. We walked by there this afternoon. It was a lot of fun! of the river, in the 7th arrondissement.). From Flame of Liberty, I crossed the Pont de l’Alma bridge and walking past the canal, I saw a sign ‘Des Egouts de Paris’ with visiting hours. One of the more intriguing displays in the moderately odorous museum is a giant iron ball. Professionnals. This is great! It is indeed a tribute to the artistic finesses we associate with Paris, that even its sewers are the subject of a museum. I know I would! "https://secure" : "http://edge") + ".quantserve.com/quant.js"; I find this sort of engineering projects interesting, despite the fact that it is a sewer. history and design of the Paris sewer network, and rushing drainwater from the After descending the stairs from the aboveground ticket office, Well that’s definitely not something you’ll read about in all the guidebooks! The sewers have been open for public visits since the World Expo held in Paris in 1867. It is really interesting (and does not smell that bad ). paintings, and text on everything from the sewers of Paris to the Mètro That is what makes great cities like Paris so special. Metro: The nearest stop is It’s interesting to know that as early as the Roman times, they’re already using the concept of water recycling and treatment, and energy recovery. Holders of the In January the museum closes for 2 weeks for a general maintenance but the website does not specify the dates. Bosquet sand trap. That’s an interesting fact about The Zouave too, a practical purpose for keeping it there for sure! Paris is a stunning city, full of life and vibrant culture. than 2,100 km (1,312 miles) of sewer tunnels was begun in 1850. , There’s a sewer museum in Paris?! ress_js("//z-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/onejs#MarketPlace=US&adInstanceId=ba23ec09-c9b5-437d-a5ba-b3444974763d"); Copyright 2016 - 2020 World in Paris. I similarly learned this when I visited ancient cities in Turkey but didn’t know that Paris has such a sewer museum, where you could really see the underground structure. Paris Secret is from Musée des égouts For information, you can also visit the sewers in Barcelona (a cooler visit than in Paris, by the way . you'll enter a long gallery beneath the Quai d'Orsay that runs parallel to the The Paris Sewer Museum (French: Musée des Égouts de Paris), is dedicated to the sewer system of Paris. This museum of the Mairie de Paris is Being keen urban explorers this looks like something we would love to do! Paris Sewer Museum. The Paris Sewer Museum is a unique underground museum that highlights the vast underground sewer system and allows visitors to explore subterranean Paris. At the Alma Bridge, not far from the Eiffel Tower and the Quai Branly Museum, is a little-known place that is nonetheless quite interesting.Underneath the capital, along almost 500 metres of tunnels, the Sewer Museum tells the story of the Paris sewers through the ages, from the time of Lutetia to the present day.. municipal workers used chains to haul the wooden boat through a sewer tunnel Some things I just think are better left to the imagination! is at ground level, in the strip of park between the Quai d'Orsay and the Seine. You don’t often get to see and read about it Paris’ underground world. The Paris Sewer Museum (French: Musée des Égouts de Paris), is a history museum located in the sewers at the esplanade Habib-Bourguiba, near the pont de l'Alma, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris… level. the enclosed sanitary sewer pipes, so you can flush without fear of splashing Like everyone dreams on visiting Paris because it feels so nice. Find the perfect Paris Sewer Museum stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Cutaway of Paris sewer, 1820. follow the left side of the Quai d'Orsay to the museum. Never wondered about what happens under the fashionable streets of Paris? named after the engineer who designed the present-day Parisian sewer network in Why You Need to Visit the Paris Sewer Museum. The concept of sewer may seem weird but it is important. Wow, I never even knew this was in Paris! Le Musée des Égouts de Paris, or the Paris Sewer Museum, is dedicated to the sewer system of Paris.. History of the sewer system . var elem = document.createElement('script'); Please note: The ABOVE: The main basin in the Brunesau gallery, de Paris, or Paris Sewers Museum. Mona Lisa Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com. the main sewer line between the Place de la Concorde and the Pont de l'Alma. Barcelona has something like this. given with your ticket. ABOVE: Exhibits in the Eugène Belgrand Gallery, A proper sewerage system is must for smooth functioning of city. From May through September, hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. From EU, a tax-free Peugeot or English as the At the end of the tunnel are a footbridge and a feeder sewer fom Paris is an amazing city for so many reasons, and something I fell in love with straight away was the fact that there are so many museums.There are over one hundred to visit, meaning there is really something for everyone! Location: The entrance to the Musée des égouts de Paris Bus: Take bus line 63 or 80 RER: The Pont de l'Alma Sign up My account. The smell in the galleries is not that bad as you may think. All rights reserved. and €3,60 for students or children from ages There are 3 ways to get from Paris Sewer Museum to Les Invalides by bus, taxi or foot. French, Paris Secret is worth buying for the pictures alone. A window into another part of Paris. Heading to Paris? no “crawling problems” at all . information, disclosures, audience. But you only walk through the sewer system, there is not the museum part. Napoléon Bonaparte, and today's network of more elem.src = (document.location.protocol == "https:" ? .). (function() { Guides Gallimard, whose city guidebooks of the same format are published in Paris sewers museum, or Musée des égouts de Paris, is said to reopen on July 1, 2020. You always have the coolest, random things I would never find in guidebooks in your posts. ABOVE: Sewer-boat model in the Belgrand gallery. You’ve definitely told us about some of the more unusal sights to see in Paris and i’m glad you made it underground and off the beaten track after all! I love the weird stuff like this . "Best of the Web"- Forbes and The Washington Post. (Cluny Museum), Contact It is not off the beaten path, it is under the beaten path, lol If you are too sensitive to smells it is better to go in winter time. This water comes from showers, dishwashers and washing machines. Organized tours of the Paris’ Sewers were first offered in 1889. The sandstone Who know that I have probably walked over this museum countless times on my visits to Paris! La visite présente les entrailles de Paris d'Aubriot, concepteur du premier égout voûté, à Belgrand, ingénieur du XIXe siècle, qui a mis en place le réseau d'égouts actuel. It’s the little things you don’t think about that make any city function. I didn’t know this existed – (obviously it exists as its a service imperative to the running of a city – but I didn’t know it was a tourist attraction!) Thanks for stopping by Mike . This is so cool– a really unique museum. Except for Thursday and Friday, it is open throughout the week from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Always good to hear about something different to do in Paris. assumes) the occasional rat. Paris Sewer Museum Day 2. I love history so I would do this tour too. elem.async = true; Sign up My account. Underneath the streets of this beautiful city is an extensive line of sewers, which is memorialized forever by the Paris Sewer Museum. Today the Paris Sewer Museum details along 500 m of their tunnels the history of drinking water in Paris and the sewer system in Paris, from the former Roman city of Lutetia (first name of Paris) to its modern structure (XIX century). This is really interesting and a unique way of using the drainage water for heating a swimming pool. . Note: The Paris Sewer Museum is closed until 2019 for renovations. As in cities everywhere, thousands of liters of heated water drain into Paris’ sewage system every day. That’s for sharing something so off the beaten path! France from 1180 to 1223. ABOVE: Mannequin of a sewer worker with an Today the Parisian sewer system is closed to all but the 800 egoutiers or sewer workers, with the exception of course of the Les Egouts de Paris, the sewer museum of Paris. From the station, cross the Place de la Résistance and recover more than 15,000 cubic meters of grit per year). ABOVE: Sewer-boat model in the Belgrand gallery, When you're browsing through the souvenirs in the Musée des égouts de Paris The history of the sewers is explained in a very pedagogical way, all in parallel with the history of Paris. Musée des égouts de Paris. The reopening is scheduled for early 2020. I found it to be well done and fascinating. Source: Bruno de Ville d'Avray, Mairie de Paris / Direction de la protection de l'environnement, Section de l'assainissement de Paris; and Lucien Finel, previous Deputy to the Mayor of Paris (in charge of water and sanitation management). It was very different and interesting at the same time. The Paris sewers system has 2.400 km of tunnels and galleries. October through March, hours are 11 to 6 p.m. Bank, or Eiffel Tower, side of the Pont de l'Alma. This is certainly a different way to experience Paris! All Rights Reserved. Now I see this I wish I had made the effort. If you are looking for unusual things to do in Paris, the Sewer Museum is a good place to start.Today the Paris Sewer Museum details along 500 m of their tunnels the history of drinking water in Paris and the sewer system in Paris, from the former Roman city of Lutetia (first name of Paris) to its modern structure (XIX century). We want to shake Paris and show people that there is much more than Tour Eiffel and macarons (quite yummy though) . You said it, it is the city below the city . |Copyright © 1996-2020 Durant and Cheryl Imboden. Holyoke other visitors.). See my cart(0 articles) 0. (The article has links to "Hugo's 'Intestine of Leviathan'" and Knopf Guides. We suggest visiting this museum in the summertime because the temperature is a little bit fresh. Alma-Marceau (line 9) on the Right Bank; after leaving the station, cross the From the floor of the gallery, you can look down into the waters of the Bosquet sand trap. As I wrote on the post, not many people know about this museum. Please note: The museum is normally closed on Christmas and New Year's Day, and for two weeks of major renovations until late in 2020. If you would like to see the sewers of Paris, you can take a guided or self-guided tour of them. var scpt = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; This is a small museum that, despite being located in one of the most touristy areas in Paris, has few visits. French, Paris Secret is worth buying for the pictures alone.). Citroën tourist lease can be cheaper than renting for visits of walkways along the tunnel walls, later by carriages drawn by a small locomotive, The system, developed by French waste and water group Suez, can boost this to 50 degrees and pump water to where it is needed. The Paris Sewer Museum is a curious place since it is very rare to visit a city’s sewage system and find out what it is like beneath a city. The attractively designed and way to Pont de l'Alma.) Offering guided tours since 1889, this museum is truly one-of-a-kind. A staircase leads down to the sewers (see small inset photo below). Some other interesting things that we learned during our visit: The Zouave during the floods in Paris (June 2016). , A sewer museum sounds so different and unique. and Friday. Let’s see it is another way to see Paris, from another point of view . I will definitely be visiting when we’re next in Paris! Well I think Romans just canalized dirty waters to the Seine, maybe I need to review the way that I wrote it . World in Paris is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca. sand trap of the Bosquet main sewer that runs to the Ecole Militaire near the Tours of the sewage system have been popular since the 1800s and are currently conducted at the sewers. along the Seine with stops at St-Michel, the Musée d'Orsay, and Invalides on its Immediately, I googled about it and I felt more unusual sight of Paris like Catacombs. })(); Thanks for sharing this one! Situated on Paris’ left bank, it’s a delve into the Parisian underworld for less than 5 euros… Im giving it one star because I have fill in … Tours: Guided tours are free through the gift shop. I’m not keen on museums in the first place, and this one definitely isn’t the tour for me. The official website for Paris Region. The museum also details the role of sewer workers and methods of water treatment. . river to the Left Bank and turn left at the Quai d'Orsay. The Paris Sewer Museum lets you enjoy a leisurely afternoon stroll through real sewer tunnels underneath Paris. It is a good choice when it is too hot in Paris. Search. that I’ve ever been to. (Even if you don't read Told like this sounds like the biggest adventure, hahahah . about the sewers. Eiffel Tower. Just when you think you have seen, heard, or read everything there is to know, you find out you are completely wrong! Les Paris might be considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, but all of that romance has to be flushed somewhere, right? I found a Trash Museum in Connecticut, too, but it was dedicated to the inroads they are making in the trash recycling industry. Tip: Allow 60 Seine. ABOVE: A It’s hard to believe but the system is almost like another city that lives right underneath the Parisians! I doubt if any other city in the world has this kind of museum. after the museum has reopened.). Covered sewers were introduced during the reign of For information Paris wants to heat another public swimming pool with the computers’ heat emissions of a big data center. available. the rue Cognacq-Jay (see photo above); from there, you'll head right to the I had heard of this tour before, but I never did it because i was afraid it might involve crawling around in stinky tunnels. You can gift shop, pull out your credit card or a 20-euro note and buy, Musee de l'erotisme (Paris Erotic I think my kids would love to do this. I would love to see it when I visit Paris, I saw another one in Barcelona, but YES, this is not the kind of activity that many cities propose to visitors . The Sewer Museum is located in Paris' stately and elegant 7th arrondissement (district), not far from the Eiffel Tower and, eastward, the Musee d'Orsay and its world-famous collections of … Paris Museum Pass Still, it’s hard for me to think of spending an afternoon in Paris anywhere underground, on purpose. (We'll publish updated prices Until recent times, the Paris The walk ways and displays are clean! renovation, ticket prices were €4,40 for adults The Paris sewer system is also used to heat a local swimming pool in Paris. ABOVE: Exhibits in the Eugène Belgrand Gallery, named after the engineer who designed the present-day Parisian sewer network in 1850. X VISITING THE SEWER MUSEUM TODAY. Either way, The Paris Sewer Museum (Musée Égouts de Paris) is just a baguette’s toss from the Eiffel Tower and, surprisingly, has a much shorter line. Select from premium Paris Sewer Museum of the highest quality. For anyone looking for an off-the-beaten track experience in Paris, you couldn’t get more off-beat than a visit underground to the Musée des Egouts (Paris Sewer Museum).Yes, there really is a Museum of the Sewers in Paris where more than 2,400 kilometres of sewer tunnels honeycomb this subterranean world. It looks so much cleaner than I expected! museum doesn't have an elevator--just a staircase with 42 steps that leads admission fees and visiting hours. Anyway, thans for stopping by . (Look for the blue-and-white booth east of the Pont de l'Alma on the Left Bank draining wastewater in Paris since the beginning of the 13th Century, when the I have not heard of one anywhere else in the world. Today, the Parisian sewer system is closed to all but the 800 egoutiers, or sewer workers, with the exception of course of the Les Egouts de Paris, the Sewer Museum of Paris. Disclaimer: this post includes affiliate links, meaning we get a small commission if you make a purchase through our links. Reopening scheduled for October 1, 2020. Romans built an initial sewer system along the alignment of the present Boulevard Saint Michel, flowing into the Seine in what is now Place Saint Michel; The Alma Bridge (1854-56) inaugurated by Napoleon III to commemorate the victory against Russians in Crimea (1854) has 4 sculptures representing the four kinds of soldiers who participated in this war. French, English, and Spanish versions are )Paris Secret is from Philippe Auguste, the king of Lol! That’s exactly THE GOAL OF THIS BLOG! Paris will always be in the heart of a traveler. I’ve been to Paris twice now and had no idea that you could visit its sewers. English as the Paris Sewer Museum (Musée des Égouts de Paris) Tours Devoted to telling the story of Paris’ world-renowned sewage network – a formidable 2,100 kilometers of tunnels that run beneath the city’s streets – the Paris Sewer Museum, or Musée des gouts de Paris, is … Plan the perfect trip to Paris with free and in-depth Paris travel guides, including the Best of Paris collection and a guide to all major Parisian neighborhoods. I was happy to read that the smell isn’t as bad as you’d think, because that was the first thing I wondered about! Musée des égouts de Paris is closed for inspired. elem.type = "text/javascript"; Thanks for your comment Jenn, glad that you liked this post! Thanks for sharing, will definitely put this on my list the next time I visit Paris. Happy you enjoyed the post . Formerly, tourists could see how the sewers worked by taking a tour via suspended carts, locomotive-drawn carriages, and underground boats. information, disclosures, audience  |. But lets look at Le Musee des Egouts de Paris, otherwise known as the Paris Sewer Museum, which as it quite rightly says, is dedicated to the sewer system of Paris, France. when available; foreign-language tours are offered only in the summer. Yep, you probably walked over this museum when in Paris because it is located along Quai Branly (so a very touristy area) . Visitors are able to walk upon raised walkways directly above the sewage itself. Ahahah. The reopening is scheduled for early 2020. France in the Age of Les Misérables, a shop. I love the post. You can also watch a video in the small theatre and browse beautifully printed book is packed with photographs, illustrations, historic I’ve always been hesitant to visit this place because, eh, sewers. to Alma-Marceau. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. and--until the 1970s--in boats. which traps solid material for removal by a dredger. We were happy to know that Paris is the city which has the biggest and most modern sewer system in the world! A visit to the Paris Sewer System Museum will show you this part of Paris and it’s one a few unique things to do in Paris. Quirky Parisian explorers with a preference for the less known sights, we are continuously looking for new ideas and tips to bring you the best of the City of Light. It’s nice to read about something so unusual in Paris, though, makes a change from the endless posts about Laduree macarons! past and present, mannequins of sewer workers in underground gear, huge wooden and RER to archaeological excavations beneath the city. minutes for your visit, or longer if you want to spend time in the gift We trust all products promoted here and would never recommend a product that isn’t of value. However, visitors have to keep in mind that this museum … |  Contact I have not seen the other side of Paris and all I see are the magnificent and flashy pictures of it. What an interesting post. You'll pass a large basin that traps solid material from wastewater (the sewers I never knew that this is also used to provide some hot waters in some area. If you are looking for unusual things to do in Paris, the Sewer Museum is a good place to start. The Paris Sewers Museum is open daily except Thursday Not sure it is something I would want to visit, but that is interesting. gone, having been replaced by an even better attraction: the And I had no idea so far that one exists in Paris. Hahahah, just trying to show Paris off the beaten path Thanks for your comment, Claire. Misérables, and the musical that it I have never read about this Sewer Museum not read about them on – Things to Do lists. Handicapped access: The After reading your post I conclude Paris is so fab even a dirty place could delight visitors (or online readers like me)! I’d love to explore this, along with the long history it highlights. Dans les galeries souterraines, sont évoqués le cycle de l'eau et le travail des égoutiers de Paris. It was surprising to find a museum of the Paris sewer system. Since I love going to the outskirts, this post is for me… oh, Schengen visa, please be nice to me… I want to visit Paris and its outskirts soon… , Good luck with the Schengen visa, is it difficult for Philippines?

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