On average, pumpkinseed sunfish grow to about 4 inches long and weigh less than a pound. Pumpkinseed Sunfish . The state Department of Environmental Conservation this week announced that Jordan Tontarski, who caught the fish last winter in Jefferson County, tied a record set 25 years ago for a pumpkinseed, which is a species of sunfish. Pumpkinseeds has 35-43 lateral line … The largest Pumpkinseed Sunfish caught in 25 years was landed earlier this year by angler Jordan Tontarski,. Get Help. Pumpkinseed Distribution Being the northernmost fish of the sunfish species, the Pumpkinseed's natural range starts from New Brunswick, Canada, and goes down to the southern parts of the country. The pectoral fins of a pumpkinseed can be amber or clear, while the dorsal spines are black. Small spinners and flies can also be used. Rather the term sunfish has become associated with any of a large group of species, rock bass, bluegill, pumpkin seed, mud sunfish, Sacramento perch, flier, banded sunfish, redbreast sunfish, green sunfish, pumpkinseed, warmouth, orangespotted sunfish, Florida bluegill, Handpaint bluegill, northern longear sunfish, central longear sunfish, Ox-bow longear sunfish, redear sunfish, redspotted sunfish, spotted … Native to Eastern North America and has been introduced and established in many parts of Europe and also in parts of South England. Giant Pumpkin Seed 1232 Wallace 2019 Wallace Organic Wonder. I FISH ILLINOIS.ORG | Colleen Callahan, Director | JB Pritzker, Governor | ... State Record: 11.2 oz (2010) Best Lures: larval insects, worms, small minnows, leeches. Pumpkinseed sunfish inhabit quiet and vegetated lakes, ponds, and pools of creeks and small rivers, with a preference for weed patches, docks, logs, and other cover close to shore. Good Places to Fish: Most lakes and reservoirs in North Carolina have populations of pumpkinseed, with coastal rivers and brackish estuaries offering quality angling opportunities as well. These small fish are familiar to anyone who has enjoyed fishing warmwater lakes. Through this program, anglers can enter freshwater fish that meet specific qualifying … Jordan Tontarski poses with his fish that ties a state pumpkinseed record (Source: New York D.E.C.) 2018 Update . How to catch a … Pumpkinseeds feed on a variety of small food both at the surface of the water and at the bottom. Fish for pumpkinseed using natural baits, such as worms, with small hooks and light lines. Select desired species and scroll through the table to view records. 5/26/97 North Saluda River, SC SUNFISH, Redear (lL)3 lb./1.1 oz. Deaunti Kemp, 28, caught the 2.15-pound, 12.6-inch sunfish on Lake Nepessing in Lapeer County on Oct. 26. The world record pumkinseed, caught in South Carolina in 1997, weighed 2 pounds, 4 ounces. The pale spot in young pumpkinseeds opercle flat differs them from Centrarchidae. It was a slow morning on the Black River near Watertown in Jefferson County on January 26, 2020, but persistence paid off when he reeled in a … Pumpkinseed feed throughout the whole water column, but can be easily caught … Angling Tips: An extra reward for catching pumpkinseed is the ability to view their colorful markings, especially the males during the breeding season. Much as I think giant car sized pumpkins are really great doies anyone else think this price is going a bit beyond the pale? Giant Pumpkin … A deep-bodied, slab-sided sunfish with a very small mouth, and the upper jaw does not reach the front margin of the eye when the mouth is closed. Feb 8, 2016. Age (Y.) … A member of the family of Sunfish. Feb 7, 2016. The photo below is of the recent catch, but it gives you a sense of the massive size of these record-holding fish. Weights are in pounds, ounces and drams. Tontarski submitted details of his winning catch to DEC’s Angler Achievement Awards Program, which tracks state record fish.
The all-tackle world record is a 1-pound 6-ounce fish taken in new York in 1985, although the IGFA does not show this in their all-tackle list. Illustration: Virgil Beck Pumpkinseed: Fact Sheet [PDF] Fishing Fishing. The recently completed DNA test concluded the fish was a pure pumpkinseed, officially tying the state record set in 1994 by R. Kennard Mosher in Indian Lake, Hamilton County. Read more. Pumpkinseed world record weighs 1 pound and 8 ounces. Length (in.) The fish present an oval silhouette and are very compressed laterally. Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission fishandboat.com Pumpkinseed (Lepomis gibbosus) Management and Fishing in Pennsylvania . Their sides are covered with vertical bars that are a faint green or blue and they have an orange-red spot on the margin of its black gill cover. Anthony Verano 0 Comments nys record, Pumpkinseed, Sunfish. The fish was 1.6 ounces short of tying the world record from South Carolina. Recent … The current all tackle record is a 11.5” 1 lbs - 6 oz fish taken in Mexico New York in 1985. Physical description. Prepared by R. Lorantas, B. Frick, PFBC Warmwater Unit; and Fisheries Management Biologists. 9 oz., Jordan’s fish had physical features of both pumpkinseed and the bluegill sunfish species, so he brought it to DEC’s Region 6 Office for biologists to examine. British record: 14oz 2dms ( British Record Fish Committee January 2015) Lateral Line scale count: 33-40 (this is the dark row of scales along the central length of the fishes body). Habitat. Goal: Maintain or enhance Pumpkinseed sport fisheries through harvest management of naturally sustained Pumpkinseed populations and through … News Now Trending . Jordan Tontarski of Watertown, NY has officially tied the NYS state record pumpkinseed previously set in 1994 by R. Kennard Mosher in Indian Lake, Hamilton County. Live Chat with State Information Center; Email State Information … Records to include the angler, species, weight, date, venue, also referenced with a recognizable publication. Pumpkinseeds are the most common sunfish species in Washington. Competition is fierce in the world of car-sized pumpkins, with the record for the biggest having changed hands five times in as many years. Sportsman’s Warehouse didn’t know either, but the father and son were further encouraged by an employee there declaring, “That’s the biggest panfish I’ve ever seen.” The next morning Ridley’s Market generously weighed the fish on their certified scale – 1 pound, 4 ounces. Pumpkinseed World Record. Food. Pumpkinseed Sunfish. Here, online, is the coarse fish record list as it stands. Complete the State Record Fish submission form and send it along with a clear, full-length photo of your fish to the address listed on the form. Jordan caught the. Pumpkinseed (Lepomus gibbosus) - Native. The dorsal, anal and caudal fins are decorated with …
I’ve sent you an email with details of the person to contact. Neither the Castlemans nor their fellow anglers knew if it was a bluegill, green sunfish or pumpkinseed. By the way, the state record for bluegill is 2 pounds, 8 ounces. The verdict remained inconclusive, especially considering bluegill and pumpkinseed often hybridize. "It took some time, but I want to personally congratulate Jordan Tontarski, the angler who caught the … State Record Fish; Fishing Licenses & Laws. * World Record Fish. Buy a hunting or fishing license; Buy a license gift certificate; Check game online; Find your customer ID; Obtain a Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program Number; Register for a reserved hunt; Reprint your license; More IN.gov Online Services; IN.gov Subscriber Center; Footer. So I went to scientists and competitive pumpkin growers to ask this … However, it can reach sizes up to 40 cm in total length, with weights normally less than 450 grams. The sides of the body fade from olive, covered with gold and yellow flecks, to blue green covered with orange spots, to a yellow or orange belly. A North County angler has tied the New York State record for a pumpkinseed – a panfish. Pumpkinseed (NA) 2 lb./4 oz. The pumpkinseed is one of the most vibrant of any freshwater fish and being green, orange, yellow or blue with speckles over their sides and back and a yellow-orange breast and belly, they stand out in clear water. World Record ~ 1 Lb. Read more. They can live up to 12 years in captivity though their lives in the wild are probably closer to 6 to 8 years. To sign up for updates or to access your subscriber preferences, please enter your contact information below. Although many people consider the meat of a pumpkinseed to be good-tasting, it is typically not a popular sport fish due to its small size. 9/9/09 Big Manistee River, MI TROUT, … They are also known as common sunfish, pond perch, punkies, sunfish, sunny, and kivvers. 5/19/18 BeaverLake GRUNDY (NA) 5 lb./7.5 oz. The spiny dorsal fin has 10 or 11 spines and is broadly connected … 7/1916 Nipigon River, Ontario, CAN TROUT, Brown (lL) 36 lb./11.5 oz.6/22/97 Lake Michigan COOK (NA) 41 lb./8 oz. Take the fish to a DNR fisheries office for positive identification and a state record fish application. It’s official!
The pumpkinseed has the ability to anticipate approaching predators (or prey) via a lateral line system, allowing it to detect changes or movements in the water using different mechanical receptors. Weights are in pounds, ounces and drams.

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