Since Breakfast Hulk lists run no basics, a single Hermit Druid activation mills our entire deck. There are Curious Control elements to the deck, but it's mainly a lands based deck. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. RUG in particular will often feature Blood Moon and Back to Basics. Pako and Haldan are a Partner pair that together create a huge amount of card advantage right out of the Command Zone. Here at The Commander's Quarters we brew fun and focused $25 EDH decks. Use skullclamp and blood moon to win with a good ol' Squeeze! Something like an Aven Mindcensor or a Linvala, Keeper of Silence can shut opponents out of the game very quickly and easily. This deck is very disruptive, and certainly struggles in very quick metas. A combo deck which uses a unique suite of combos with Animar's discount ability. Powerful support cards like Unbound Flourishing, Earthcraft and Dockside Extortionist eventually become combo pieces to put the game away. Given your playgroup doesn't sound ready for a super early infinite combo and your mana base isn't great I'd probably steer clear. The Poly versions look to win with Polymorph / Proteus Staff getting Tidespout Tyrant to generate infinite mana. The deck is highly tunable to local metas, as many of the slots in the deck are open for customization. Dread Return should target Reveillark. There are numerous other competitiveformats for that. : Often Sigil Hulk can grind out value better than anyone else at the table and play a win condition that avoids the stax pieces on the battlefield the most successfully. Then, cast Cabal Therapy, also for its flashback cost, sacrificing Reveillark which recurs Karmic Guide and Viscera Seer/Carrion Feeder. These decks are categorized as "Meme", meaning they meet the following requirements. On this deck tech we draw inspiration from Jeremy Noell and brew with Tasigur, the Golden Fang as our commander, with the deck secretly being built … Flavor Text: Seeking the company of plants ensures that your wits will go to seed. Yuriko herself helps the deck grind when needed and her cheap creatures help enable various turbo naus cards such as Culling the Weak. There are numerous other competitiveformats for that. Since Tawnos himself is very cheap, and assembling a two-card combo with a deck's commander is very easy, especially if there are many available tutors, this deck can win relatively fast for a control deck, giving it a slight edge on slower decks in the format while still being able to keep up with the faster decks. The deck is very adaptive, winning through both lines about evenly. Often, it wins by infinitely recurring extra turn spells. Terms of Use | But it is fast because the threats can come down fast. *Meme* Squee is not for the faint of heart. It's good against both grindy and aggro metas, as it can adapt to both. This site © 2020, LLC - Tsabo Tavoc. Here at The Commander's Quarters we brew fun and focused $25 EDH decks. Used to be intended for competitive and followed the minimum power guidelines in "About the DDB". Snoop Tharr is unique among cEDH decks for adopting the 1-card combo of Goblin Recruiter into a Conspicuous Snoop pile. It also has a Jace Oracle and Consultation package. cornered market is backup with kit, and possibility storm package synergizes with bazaar. This is my first homebrew cEDH deck and their input was greatly appreciated. Welcome to cEDH Budget Brews! A food chain combo deck with a commander that both serves as an outlet and a card draw engine for grind situations. No joke decks, decks must be intended for competitive play. A blue control deck that runs a high density of counterspells and instant-speed draw. Naru Meha is an instant-speed strategy aiming to play counter-control. The deck falls behind when it can't find needed colors, and it often has a difficult time recovering if things get destroyed. Copied to clipboard. After turn 5, hermit Druid hate or graveyard hate I turn to back up combos. After turn 5, hermit Druid hate or graveyard hate I turn to back up combos. BluePod is based around the Combo Chains involving Birthing Pod and Kiki-Jiki ending with infinite creatures. As a consistent alternative plan, it has the package of Thassa's Oracle and Demonic Consultation. Tymna Kraum Breach focuses on quickly assembling wincons with one card enablers such as Ad Nauseam or Intuition. A draw-go control list which uses Rashmi to generate card advantage for counterspells. Enduring Renewal gravestorm which is built as an answer to creature-heavy metas. If several avenues to victory are removed as well as an abundance of graveyard hate are the major downfalls of the deck. Yuriko Turbo Naus is a deck that primarily focuses on winning quickly with various one card enablers such as Doomsday or Ad Nauseam. We are a Discord based community here to help you gain entry into cEDH via a more modest price point. Recursion (6ish): These are the cards I recommend. It has game against the faster decks in the format thanks to powerful hate pieces like Rest In Peace, Cursed Totem, and Suppression Field. This one differs though by having a dockside combo with Barrin Master Wizard. Typical wincons include Oracle Consult and Dockside Mayhem loops with Kenrith. This site is not approved and/or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast. Along with Flash Hulk, this deck utilizes sacrifice outlets along with cards such as Pattern of Rebirth and Academy Rector to increase its consistency. DEFENSE. 2) Banned cards as a commander only (yet still playable in a deck) These cards can’t be your commander, but are still allowed in your 99 cards decklist.This is in addition to points 1) and 3) in this document. A doomsday paradox storm list which can take on a control role by reusing counterspells. The deck focus around finding Buried Alive and any reanimation spell to create a loop that reanimates Gray Merchant of Asphodel and kills your opponents by abusing not Protean Hulk, but Rot Hulk and its ability to reanimate multiple Zombies. This Faerie Warlock is in Esper colors and is a 2 power, 3 toughness creature with flying, deathtouch and lifelink. She gives your other flyers +1/+1 and whenever you cast an artifact or enchantment spell, you create a 1/1 blue Faerie creature token with flying. A proactive strategy with a light stax package, this deck aims to win through assembling the Squirrel Craft combo, and either swinging or using Goblin Bombardment. Evolution is a mana combo deck with compact and overlapping cards to gain quality of cards and speed. This combo is our last resort, backup combo if our first two combos get destroyed. Then, using Necromancy, Apprentice Necromancer, or Wake the Dead to recur and then sac the Hulk, fetch up Karmic Guide and Viscera Seer/Carrion Feeder. This deck is for you! The deck contains the very best cards in BUG, which happens to be the three best colors in cEDH. Privacy statement | A combo control deck which controls and stalls until a High Tide or Isorev combo win. Jhoira Storm aims to disrupt opponent's battlefields with stax effects and a small sutie of counterspells, then assemble a game-winning combo during a single turn. Commander Legends pre-release video with all new Commanders! These cards are handy if you suspect someone might try to counter your Dread Return; if they get countered, you're inconvenienced, not dead. P/T: 1 / 1. Most often the deck wins with Underworld Breach as an enabler to set up one of various combo options. November 13, 2020 by Community Spotlight . One of the main lines of the deck is to achieve infinite mana using Emry's versatile utility kit and shoot the table with Walking Ballista. A stormish deck which focuses on using Thrasios as both a noninfinite and infinite sink. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. What Inalla lacks in command zone value and the utility white or green provides decks, she makes up for with absolutely blistering speed backed up by an interaction suite rivaling that of many of the formats most controlling decks. ... (The Hermit Druid) list for Obeka infinite turns Set up stax pieces if all else fails and try to wait for the final backup combo. With a surprising amount of layering, the deck allows for constant pivoting and makes up for its lower card quality with strong synergy. Deck also runs consultation lines with lab man, oracle, and Jace.This deck mostly uses it's many wheels to win though and the various outlets. A fast Razaketh reanimator combo deck with Ad Nauseam as a secondary plan. It is FREE TO ENTER! The flickers this deck uses bring Toothy back to the battlefield immediately meaning he will see all the cards you draw from him leaving the battlefield netting you huge amounts of cards at little cost.