The Trump campaign showed that it also thinks the drone strike will help on the 2020 campaign trail, quickly inserting Soleimani’s death into online ads. December 3, 2019. The State Department has reported that people with Armenian-sounding names have been routinely denied entrance to the country; the government has purposefully erased Armenian heritage, destroying traditional tombstones in Nakhchivan; and in a clear example of hate speech, senior officials in the ruling party declared this year that alongside coronavirus, Azerbaijan also had to fight the “Armenian virus.”. Last month a hero from that war, Harouch Hakoupiyan, was buried in a ceremony, led by the Iranian army, in his hometown of Isfahan. In the pages of The Wall Street Journal, key Bush political strategist Karl Rove mused about whether time would “reward or punish Democrats for being skeptical of Trump’s triumph” during an election year. They are wrong now.”. Trump and his allies have said the president doesn’t want to go to war, noting the United States is not reeling in the wake of a terrorist attack like 9/11. Become a Redditor. While support for the liberation of occupied lands around Nagorno-Karabakh is understandable, stoking a visceral hatred of Armenians – because that is how modern Azerbaijani nationalism expresses itself – would endanger one of the last remaining Christian communities in the Middle East. Amid growing speculation about prospects for military action against Iran, neoconservatives and other hawks won a significant – if somewhat incomplete – victory in rallying the Democratic-led Congress to its side.. Fears grow on digital surveillance: US survey. TO START A WAR How the Bush Administration Took America Into Iraq By Robert Draper. To incite Azerbaijanis against Tehran, they turn to dubious assertions. Kill a few U.S. troops and Iraqi civilians, waste a few hundred billion dollars, bomb Iraq into the dark ages then just pull out after all the fun is over. Their rationale – involving Iran and Israel, as so many of Washington’s priorities in the Middle East do – is facile, naïve and dangerous to the region’s minorities. Republican hawks are using the violence in Iraq as a political tool that is escalating pressure for US military intervention. … remember me reset password. Verified Email. The same people who got the US into the mistaken Iraq War are now urging President Obama to use military force in Iraq again. Previous Next. Iran’s “balkanization” – or dismemberment along ethnic lines – is a persistent dream for Washington hawks who see the Azerbaijani minority (perhaps 25 percent of Iran’s population) as a potential catalyst. To understand how the rise of Azerbaijani nationalism in Iran could impact the Armenian community there, look a little further north, to the Republic of Azerbaijan. Some of the largest groups of Armenians in Iran live in Azerbaijani-majority cities, such as Tabriz, Urmia and Salmas. Such an admission would put this group at odds with an administration that portrays itself as a defender of Christians worldwide. remember me reset password. and join one of thousands of communities. This article has been republished with permission from Eurasianet. Iran Hawks Are The New Iraq Hawks. For example, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ Brenda Schaffer claimed on October 26 – without naming sources or producing evidence – that Iran’s elite security force, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, has been thwarting Azerbaijani forces in their fight with Armenia. get reddit premium. December 3, 2019. In a 76-22 vote Wednesday, senators approved a non-binding amendment to the 2008 defense authorization bill that called for the administration of President … Paul Wolfowitz, another Iraq War architect, became president of the World Bank. The fantasies of Iraq hawks. Any honest analysis would recognize that fueling ethnic Azerbaijani nationalism in Iran could endanger local Armenians. ©2020 Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, Inc. All Rights Reserved. WASHINGTON, Oct 17, 2011 (IPS) – Key neo-conservatives and other right-wing hawks who championed the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq are calling for military strikes against Iran in retaliation for its purported murder-for-hire plot against the Saudi ambassador here. Hawks_Iraq 1 post karma 0 comment karma send a private message. Antony Blinken should be taking notes, as President Cleveland’s top diplomat stood against imperial foreign policy when it counted. It was to February 5, 2003, when then-Secretary of State … Violent Hate Crimes Hit Highest Level In 16 Years. Leading the charge is the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), the ideological successor to the Project for […] Last week, while watching Benjamin Netanyahu unveil secret information that supposedly proved that Iran is deceiving the world about its nuclear-weapons program, I had a flashback. The Hawks investigative unit of the South African Police has been in the news recently because of a so-called former rogue unit at the SA Revenue Service that the Hawks want to question Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan about. The longer the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict drags on, the chances rise that Iran will play a more assertive role. In April 2003, after he had launched the invasion of Iraq, George W. … The same Bush hawks Trump has eviscerated for orchestrating America's “endless wars” were cheering on … Iran Hawks Advocate Regime Change with Former Designated Terror Group. There was Marc Thiessen, Donald Rumsfeld’s speechwriter at the Bush-era Pentagon, appearing on Fox News and declaring Trump’s actions “Reaganesque.” On CNN, George W. Bush’s Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff showed up. Just as Bush tied the Iraqi regime to al Qaeda, Vice President Mike Pence on Twitter linked Soleimani to 9/11. February 7, 2003. Hawks openly excoriate Bill Clinton for concluding the 1994 nuclear agreement with North Korea. She has also advocated for the U.S. to use ethnic Azerbaijanis in Iran as proxies in regime change efforts. And just as Bush faced criticism for his remarks — the independent government commission investigating the attacks concluded there was no “collaborative relationship” between Iraq and al Qaeda — Pence was roundly denounced for his tweet. Many American military leaders who urged us into Iraq, and then urged us to stay there for many long years, were given book deals, lobbying contracts, and … “It’s alarming and it's peculiar,” said Tim Sayle, who heads the International Relations Program at the University of Toronto. New User. The International Convention for the Future of Iran stage, taken just before Mark Wallace, the CEO of United Against Nuclear Iran took the stage. Realpolitik can backfire in unexpected ways. The Foundation for Defense of Democracies was instrumental in shaping the Trump administration’s Iran policies. Critics wonder whether putting another retired military officer in charge — and one with corporate ties — is such a good move. White House. Edward Luttwack, another conservative luminary, appears to hope the Iranian Azerbaijanis’ support for their ethnic kin will hasten Tehran’s collapse. Some of the most venerated churches, such as UNESCO-listed Saint Stepanos and Saint Thaddeus, are also in Azerbaijani-majority Iranian provinces and operate openly. Source: Twitter @trevorncube. Top Trump aides at times even echoed the Bush playbook of vaguely linking enemies to the terrorists behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The Hudson Institute’s Mike Doran has championed the idea that support for Azerbaijan and its primary backer, Turkey, will hurt Iran. Republican hawks are using the violence in Iraq as a political tool that is escalating pressure for US military intervention. Iraq hawk John McCain assumed the chairmanship of the Senate Armed Services Committee years after it was apparent that the war was a fiasco. Pompeo, Hook, and other Iran hawks have harshly criticized the regime for supporting Shia militias in Iraq, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and other proxy groups with weapons and funding. His office later said the vice president was referencing the 9/11 hijackers who traveled from Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan through Iran. Last week, while watching Benjamin Netanyahu unveil secret information that supposedly proved that Iran is deceiving the world about its nuclear-weapons program, I had a flashback. Schaffer, who has long supported Azerbaijan in American academic and media circles without disclosing her links to state oil company SOCAR, has lobbied for unconditional American and Israeli support for Baku.