I do not quite agree with this view. Finding reliable information on the internet can be a challenge. Is the author qualified to write on the given topic? According to some people, the internet is a great communication tool but it is not a reliable source of information. Is the name of the author/creator on the page? The information specialist at your local library can save you significant time in your search for valid and reliable Internet data. Reliable information on the Internet is at the moment a much debated topic. If you find an online article that provides relevant information for your research topic, you should take care to investigate the source to make sure it is valid and reliable. Anyone can create a Web site and post anything as fact. If there is a link to a homepage, is it for an individual or for an organization? Your email address will not be published. 6. Unlike printed materials, such as books and articles, webpages are not required to meet standards of fairness, accuracy, and statistical validity. Political Debate Forum: Politics and Candidate issues Retrieved July 4, 2012 http://www.wisegeek.com/where-can-i-find-information-about-political-candidates. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The survey also indicates that in 2002, 2.2% of Internet users--and an even more amazing 4.7% of nonusers--believe "all" of the information on the Internet is reliable and accurate. Due to the demand for news coverage and advertisements the print media for instance limits the debt of its news coverage in an effort to create space for the much paid advertisements. You have covered every angle and this is the sort of thing I go over with every new class of university History students. 7. Since the internet was embraced as a mode of communication in the virtual world at the start of the digital era, it has proved to be of great benefit. Gibson, S. J. However, there is a lot of good information on wikipedia and if it has a citation then you can follow that to check whether the information is correct. It can be frustrating to conduct online research because internet sources can be quite unreliable. Is the Internet a Reliable Source for Information? In my opinion, the internet is not only an excellent communication tool but also a treasure trove of information. These days, you can find soft copies of books and journals, so yes it can be reliable. Finding Reliable Information on the Internet . Is the World Wide Web a dependable source for knowledge, facts, news or just an interconnected computer network of lies? First, he says that information we get from the Internet is not reliable, with no assurance of its credibility. This is quite rightly so. In the US I think they end in ‘.edu’. The Science Monitor, an American Publication, recently announced it has stopped printing and will be only accessed online. This, in so many ways, has changed political scenes and campaigns throughout the world. Even with this criticisms and concerns the internet’s advantages undoubtedly outweigh its disadvantages. The Promise and Peril of Internet Democracy, New York: Pantheon Publishers. Are his/her credentials listed (occupation, years of experience, position or education)? A lot of academics don’t like wikipedia but I think we have to accept that it is here to stay and work with wikipedia to make sure that the information on wikipedia is correct! 5. I only have one small concern: the fact that Wikipedia was on the list of "reliable most of the time" information sources. It is vital to remember three things when you’re looking for medicines or other information on the internet: No one is in overall charge of the internet – anyone can post information and although some sites are careful about checking information posted, this may not be true for every website. It also means the candidates have to be open minded enough to accept an almost immediate positive or negative criticism that comes with internet interactions (Seught, 2011). Why? Is information obtained on the Web as reliable as information obtained from journals, newspapers, and magazines? 8%. Internet readers have the opportunity to share their thoughts on a subject as freely as they can. Required fields are marked *. Don’t rely only on the information you find on the internet when making a decision about your diet or health. The candidates on the other hand will be keen to sell their ideologies to the electorate through the same media because of the many reasons earlier mentioned. Where Can I Find Reliable Health Information Online? This is an essential step in maintaining sound research ethics. Chadwick, A. Look for the name of the organization and the author of the web site and when the information was updated. 1%. Where is reliable information on the Internet? The National Institutes of Health website is a good place to start for reliable health information. Ideally, news agencies need to be totally factual with zero tolerance towards personal or organizational biases. answered on 14 Jun 2011: It depends. There are many reputable websites that provide valuable knowledge, such as government websites, company websites or college website. Click to Play. Enter nearly any term into answered on 14 Jun 2011: There are lots of information you can find on the internet, not all information available on internet are reliable, but if you can find a real source of information it will be great. COPYRIGHT © 2013-2020 PAYPERVIDS. People are much more trusting of news websites, and far more skeptical of the accuracy personal weblogs. There are many reasons why the internet has grown to be a better news source than the conventional media. 1. It can be extremely difficult to determine the reliability of health and wellness information found on the web or in popular media sources. Rushkoff, D. (2006). “The Internet and Political Campaigning: The NewMedium Comes of Age. All. Internet reliability has been doubted for many reasons, one of which being the fact that anyone can post a personal views of anything. If you are looking for facts, check out a few different web sites to compare information. Arthur Becker-Weidman, LCSW, Ph.D., Center For Family Development www.Center4FamilyDevelop.com 716-810-0790 Many families and professionals use the internet to try to find answers to important questions about mental health and psychological issues. These days, you can find soft copies of books and journals, so yes it can be reliable. The ability to get immediate feedback on what readers think about some of his policies and thoughts makes the internet the best tool for candidates during campaigns. What you want are sites associated with trusted institutions that have been around for a while and have a proven track record of reliability and integrity. Whereas, in reality, that is not the case. The polling data that several companies post on the internet gives users the chance to get sample out and find the truth on the political situation and possibilities in different parts of the country. Political Campaigning on the Internet, Massachusetts: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press. Other print media, for instance the Minneapolis Star Tribune, have already filed for bankruptcy and retrenched some of its staff as a result of declining income mainly because of internet usage by most readers and advertisers (Graeme, 2001). A person surfing the web just has to be careful and evaluate the information on a website in order to get reliable information. Voters will be searching information that will help them makes wise decisions when voting. However, judging the reliability of sources found on the Internet is crucial because there is no regulating body that monitors the reliability of what is on the Internet. Also summary articles that mention journal articles, or other reputable sources, as references are more likely to be reliable. For example, if you want to find something out about astronomy or astrophysics, I would recommend that you go to the NASA website. The number of websites, social media sites, and apps offering health information keeps growing. Kamarck, D. (2008). Log in using the username and password we sent you. This makes the big difference between the traditional forms of media and the internet (Gibson, 2003). 3. Diverse political parties help their candidates run websites through which many of the issues being handled are documented. 12%. The internet is not the most reliable but sometimes the only source, as some information can only be found there. Yes, the Internet is a reliable source of knowledge. Online users make clear distinctions between different kinds of websites. Reliable information regarding movies can be found all over the internet. Assignment Instructions . Information on the Internet is always less reliable than Information in print or on television. This gives other readers an expanded view of the whole issue being discussed. If you are in doubt, double check facts at the library. However internet users argue that the diverse news sources on the internet are helpful because many blogs on the internet cannot take similar points of view and be labeled as false. In general, print publications with authors and listed sources tend to be reliable because they provide sources which readers can verify. If such a website is considered as a reliable source to get information from, then we will be led astray. Plus, it is very easy to create and publish a website that seems genuine and professional just with less than US$ 100 and a few clicks. The Parties and specifically campaign teams can sample advises and pick out some of the useful hints on the best methodologies to adopt while campaigning. There are all sorts of individuals, organizations, companies and governments on the Internet that only serve their own extremely limited concerns. According to a survey conducted by the Knight Foundation and Gallup, Americans are of the view that … However internet users argue that the diverse news sources on the internet are helpful because many blogs on the internet cannot take similar points of view and be labeled as false. In addition, there are many social networks on the internet too that can serve as sources of news. 4. There is so much available there that it is hard to know what you can believe and trust. If you access a webpage of a professional organisation with accreditation, for example a government department, a national charity, a professional society, a university, or a learned journal then I think you can have a fair expectation that the information you see should be accurate – with the caveat that a scientist will generally question everything though. In one of its latest surveys Pew Internet also points to the same reality that the print media will in the near future be taken over by internet news sources. If you access a homepage, Wikipedia, or newspapers then that level of expectation should diminish slightly. Is there a link to a homepage? This is an indicator of the trend that is likely to be witnessed soon, especially in countries that have good connectivity to high speed internet. I think it can be both, it really depends on the website you go to. Copyright Gallomanor, produced by Mangorolla CIC 2020, Short link to this page https://ias.im/45.150, I'm a Scientist: Supported by Wellcome and UKRI, http://www.iknoweverythingaboutspaceandthisisawesomelol.com. There is no other mode of communication today that is as fast as the internet. In some cases the internet gives witness accounts in certain events or happenings complete with video coverage posted directly without much editing from the website managers. There are lots of information you can find on the internet, not all information available on internet are reliable, but if you can find a real source of information it will be great. Source: “The Digital Future Report,” from the USC Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future September 2004 study. However if you find a website that is something like http://www.iknoweverythingaboutspaceandthisisawesomelol.com (I don’t think this actually exists) then you need to be a bit careful about trusting anything on that website! Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Tell us what you think in the comment box below. The Internet has changed the way we find and access health information. One of the reasons is the fact that media companies are majorly owned and run by a few, large corporations that put their interests first in any developing story. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Barry, H. (2009).Digital Democ39(7):166–172. The researchers found that most sites gave valuable and reliable information. Internet may be reliable, accurate, true or real is tough for adults and even harder for teens. I believe that the Internet is a reliable source of knowledge. Because the Internet is such a vast source of information of varying quality, web resources must be evaluated for authority, reliability, objectivity, accuracy, and currency. Is there contact information, such as an email address, somewhere on the page? For example, the site Wikipedia.com is an unreliable source of information because anyone can go onto the website and change the information anytime that he or she wants. Michael Taggart One of my friends who works with me as an astronomer is involved with wikipedia a lot and is trying to get more academic people involved with editing pages on wikipedia so that the information is reliable. By doing so the internet and other media, in their unique ways, will have given citizens of a country the chance to decide their destiny and how they want to be led, therefore directly impacting on their livelihoods (Chadwick, 2009). The internet can be an easy and effective way to find information about complementary and alternative cancer therapies. I believe that the Internet is a reliable source of knowledge. Some of the print media companies are already acknowledging the stiff completion they are receiving from the internet. 0 Jen Gupta answered on 14 Jun 2011: Such sites may include those run by government agencies, nonprofit organizations, foundations, or colleges and universities. University websites in the UK will end with ‘.ac.uk’ (like the Jodrell Bank website is http://www.jb.man.ac.uk/). Filtering Information through the URL. There are many reputable websites that provide valuable knowledge, such as government websites, company websites or college website. Mona Gharaie The internet has given us access to a vast pool of information. The internet has become a better option because it presents the reader with a variety of news sources hence leaving the user with enough information that can enable him to make judgments for himself as compared to the limitations that come with the other news sources.