These look amazing - well done sister!! Browse 166 Plywood Stair on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning plywood stair or are building designer plywood stair from scratch, Houzz has 166 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Luna Kitchen and Bath and Pacific Paver Co. Look through plywood stair pictures in different colors and styles and when you find some plywood stair … They are just beautiful. If there were existing hardwoods underneath the carpet, sand them before re-staining. Now, of course, not everything is perfect. The owners were happy to oblige! Love, LOVE, LOVE! It may not really be logical or efficient to build one out of plywood like this. Great job! First of all, let’s look at the landing makeover. We've had several schools of thought on what to do, so far the options are (no more carpet! Your hard work was SO worth it.Autumn, Absolutely gorgeous! Your hard work paid off.'ve inspired me to see what might be under our stair carpeting. Huge kuddos to you my friend ! Heck, you will be finding it everywhere for the weeks to come. It’s just very thin (cheap!) wow they look amazing! 3) MESS. My stairs go up about 10 feet, the rise is about 7 1/2 inches and the stair is about 10 inches deep. but you have inspired me to rip my yucky carpet up from under our dining room table and refinish that floor. You did a wonderful with everything you very talented lady! (wood steps are not slippery and you will love them)They look great! ->Next post will feature sanding spindles, staining treads and rails. You have inspired me. For safety reasons (aka our child) we could not remove the spindles at this time so it was a lot of extra work on Dan’s part to pull the carpet up. I am such a fan of hardwood steps. It's manufactured as 1-to-1 1/4-inch-thick tread stock, with a bullnose on one side. I love how they turned out. I can see why you are so proud. should think you do lurve it, you rock girl! Told ya so! No stain. You were right, we would have hunted you down if you didn't post pics first, then share the tutorial later. Wish my stairs weren't behind the front door!Guerrina in CT. What a lot of hard work. They. I finally am working on my new house stairs it is none too soon for me.I'm showing an old stair project and talking about my new stair project tomorrow so I'm gonna send people over to see your handiwork. great look. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! Janell, Wowww!! Generally speaking I don't use plywood for stringers unless the builder/homeowner/designer requests that I do so. Great job! You should stop by my house tour and check out my DIY remodels. We just got carpet installed this week, and while they were pulling up the stair carpet, I was keeping my fingers crossed that we had the type of stairs that we could just stain and paint like this, but no such luck. And also I am not sure what color to go with if I am able. I mean, it was freshly painted, all floors were completed and it was basically move your stuff in and go on with your life! It makes me think we should do the same to our stairs. (now, why in the world are you pooped??!) You can see where Kitty Rex walked through it! I really like the little band of dark color. You can purchase pre-cut stair risers for about $10 each or save some money and cut your own. The stain is gorgeous. It looks like a catalog space. :) You should be so proud of yourself. )Congratulations on a Job Well Done. Work in sections, about two steps at a time so you are not left pulling on a huge mound of carpet! I'm having a Mercury-ish Glass Giveaway, if you're interested!! Here's the landing going to the upstairs: I get asked about what we used on the landing a lot -- and it was just the basic pine wood (that I've used as shiplap many times over the years). Absolutely stunning! Looking forward to future projects! This includes stairs. I want some like that!Check out what Mel is up to at:, WOW!! :). I have to admit, I was skeptical. I want you to use and copy my ideas! Bye bye carpeted stairs of the 70's & 80's 'fashion' lol I'm so glad you like them and aren't totally wiped out to not even think of moulding! They add so much warmth and charm to your already beautiful home. Help me! Looks like one sheet of the material would be more than enough to to make your riser … care. Esp. This looks great, Those are really beautiful!!! J. It depends on what stairs you have. Very impressed! Instead, paint your runner in sections so that you’ll be able to get to the top or bottom of your stairs by skipping a step here and there. Installing Stair Nosing & Risers On Steps - Page Four. Such a great change! I cannot stress this enough! Thank you so much! Painting plywood is actually similar to painting any kind of wood. You did a great job. !~TidyMom, I want to sell my house and buy a house with stairs! Apply a coat of wood conditioner with a brush. I’m trying to decide if I’ll go the traditional white for the molding on the walls. I. It looks gorgeous! I am rejoicing with you! Your stairs are beautiful! That was a lot of work! Eames Chair Similarly, multiple flights are made of multiple sets of stairs. So, any suggestions for those of us with plywood stairs beneath our carpet? I bet you love just standing back and looking at them! Very inspiring! Was it worth it? You should be proud. When I was sanding my treads I came across one piece that had a crack right through it. Reply. should see my carpeted stairs...they need this...and I think I have this shade of stain (Bombay Minwax???) Use a foam brush to apply the stain, and wipe with a lint-free cloth. Helpful. Whoohoo! This summer? However, engineered wood flooring can still be used in similar applications as solid hardwood flooring. Oh my gosh I lurve them too - and I know for a fact that's the first time I've used the word lurve. Now, a couple of pointers. I am so proud of you! My issue is with finishing the landing so that it will match up with the rest of the treads. After the old, stained carpet was removed, we were left with raw, damaged floorboards. If it is just a big sheet of plywood, then the process will be relatively easy. Consideration: If you need a railing on the landing, attach the railing posts to the framing with … Your stairs, landing, home, have such beautiful lines to work with. They were painted brown by the previous owner, since the basement was not finished at that time: The first step (no pun) is to screw down plywood over the concrete pad. If you want to read more about our stairs, be sure to check out our entry hall posts, but the reason for today's Ask Old Town Home has to do with Kim and Scott's stairs.. Kudos! Stain – approx $10 (we used the rest for the other run of stairs) Our new favourite matte floor finish – $40 a can (We had plenty left for the rest of the stairs and other projects too. A big pat on the back to you!I'm mentioning you in my post tomorrow, something you wrote about a ways back has caused havic in my life!! Good job :), I like the before and after looks, BUT, carpeting on stairs always harbors so much dirt and things that make a person sneeze. The only thing that is stopping me is that I think the only thing that is under them is plywood. Women rock! 36″ x 10-1/2″ Unfinished Oak Interior Stair Tread and 42″ x 10-1/2″ Unfinished Oak Interior Stair Tread are the two sizes the kits come in so we ordered seven of the 36 inch and six of the 42 inch after measuring both sets of stairs and determining the crazy size differences. What a fabulous end result. 8. So far we've found a lot of shortcuts that were made in the building of our home...Nothing is square, or lined up properly....I'm a little scared to rip up the carpet unless we are fully prepared to deal with what's underneath! He was as sick of the carpet as I was and we knew that without real hardwood underneath, we would have to compensate with buying new material. We left them overnight because by the time we got the carpet off, staples removed and bullnoses cut, it was well into the evening. Thankfully, Lowes had no problems exchanging it but our closest Lowes is 20 minutes away one way, so it was an extra trip we shouldn’t have made. I can't wait to see yoru full tutorial! Once the painting and decorating was finished, this showed up even more, and even though we couldn’t do it at the … We have to do something with our stairs as we are redoing the pergo floors soon.. which is what is on the stairs at this time... we are going with stained concrete that looks like leather ..for all the floors, we live on farm this will be very durable! Diane. Find out what's going to work best, while saving you money by watching some of our helpful videos. We just did it and they work great! You did a beautiful job!God's blessings,Sarah :D. Nothing you do surprises me, Sarah, so I KNEW they'd turn out gorgeous! I want the stairs going to our basement to look just like yours!!! lute. You did such an amazing job. This is on my (very long) home to-do list. But I'm still very thankful we don't have stairs at our house (requirement when we house shopped 3 years knees can't take them!). I’m going to wait it out and see. See that would be it for a while for me if I did this..congrats on your pretty stairs! What a huge difference you made. Super kudos to your efforts! I'm with everyone else..they're gorgeous. They are called Retro Treads and mine were unstained red oak from Lowes. Absolutely stunning!! BUT he doesn't know I intend to do it while he is on his company trip next week!! But... plywood is considered dimensionally stable as opposed to solid dimensional lumber, such as a 2x12. We collected most of the staples but you never know what you missed. But I don't know what to do about the two pesky plywood landings. This is so absolutely beautiful. It looks great. I cannot imagine the amount of work, but I just love it. I'm totally stoked to do mine!! I am looking to finish my stairs on a budget. I did not grab many but you can see the ones going upstairs, and the ones going downstairs. If the sun would come out, that would help. MDF is the most affordable stair tread material available. Closed is when the stair ends into wall. Bc that is a fab idea!! Start ripping up the carpet! I also run a double row of staples on all plywood just for security. I'm so proud of you! AMAZING work! Wowza...GORGEOUS staircase! LOL Actually, he knows I am planning on doing it since we kinda have to after installing new hardwoods in the upstairs hall (carpet had to come up off the top step...looks lovely!) Just gorgeous. what to do with the stairs... this has my brain going in over drive... you did a GREAT job!!!! This is because engineered wood flooring is made up of several layers of wood instead of one solid piece. Umkay, I know I just lost about 90 percent of you with the “saw” and “jig” talk, so let’s get back to the pretties, shall we? So worth all the tiny staples. You must just want to stare at it all day! I've enjoyed the "journey" with you. If you need to replace your stairs or the treads of your stairs, you’re looking at a much higher bill. Cut beadboard to fit the rise of all stairs. so. Coat the plywood of the top stair with flooring adhesive. You will do lots of pulling and slicing to get the carpet off. Fan. Love love love this. Whether you want to paint plywood to make an original piece of art or you need to paint a plywood floor, you can do it successfully with just a little know how. If you’re interested in a cost-friendly yet reliable option, plywood treads are definitely the way to go. Blessings, SusanD. For Really Really Real??? Can't wait to see the molding project! Cutting was simple but did take some time! For years I wanted wood, but thought I would have to get new treads put on and that would be too costly. It's just absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know about you, but when we were out hunting for our first house we saw a lot of interesting things. Absolutely FANTABULOUS! Walnut Laminate Flooring Walnut Floors Living Room Decor Furniture New Furniture Painting Plywood Cheap Home Decor Diy Home Decor Cheap Plywood Rustic Wood Floors. *Note: this is how we went about it. We turned them off until we were finished cutting and remembered to clean out any of the dust in them. It should be brushed on in the same direction as the … We have an open 2 story stair case. We went through the raised bungalow and fell in love. The construction of plywood stairs is therefore visually beautiful. If they are fixing problems, I am all for it.) We have plain old builder's plywood under the carpet. :) (Cause seriously, I am pooped. What a huge difference. I also am curious about your edging for the landing. Amazing. Keep in mind that every house we looked at was over 5 years old; no new build houses. You've done an amazing job!! You Go Girl! It involves making my own jig for the saw, and we figured out a super easy way to do it. Good job - they are fantastic! It is starting to get worn, never looks clean and crisp anymore, and I HATE VACUUMING STEPS!!!!! : It stained up a little uneven but I have to say I quite like it. Years back, my husband and I did the same thing to our stairs but painted the steps in porch paint. Your email address will not be published. What a project, but it looks great! Your stairs looks sooo nice! This is a very time consuming project but well worth it in the end! Low and behold, they were having an open house later that day so my agent knocked on the door and asked if it was okay if we took a look around right now since we happened to be around the neighbourhood. They look fantastic! I only ask that you credit my site with a link if you reference one of my projects or use a photo. I'm about to stain my table top and I'm not sure which one to use. Click on this link for more information about stair building. And if it is all over the floor, you know my walls, pictures, counters, etc. I just want to sand them down, repaint and stain the steps. Great job! I know I would be - better yet an easy chair w/ a cup o' joe and I'd be pretending these hot stairs were my tv for the day! You should be proud of yourself, you did an excellent job, they look sooooo much better than the carpet! way to go!! I love your color choice and placement. Oh, they are gorgeous!! Wanna come do mine? What would I do differently here? Really elegant. The natural light was there, (coming in from the stairs window) but the solid plywood (seen below) prevented any of it from reaching the landing. . They turned out so wonderful! Would love to get rid of the carpet. You did a fantastic job, I know you LOVE it!! As mentioned above, you can create stair treads out of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, wood, granite, marble, quartz, glass, and so on. That is beautiful! It took about 30 minutes to rip up the plywood, 30 minutes to paint the stair risers including setup and clean up, about an hour to draw the lines and then another 30 minutes to nail the stairs and apply caulk. I will have your photos to show my husband when he gets that un-sure look on his face.Great job. You did a heck of a job on them!! Bought the game fo, Gandalf the Grey! I have a 9 rise fully housed plywood stair being built in the shop right now. Absolutely beautiful!!! great job, now go relax, and ENJOY it! We have that space between wall and stairs too, and I'm thinking about buying a pretty stair trim, which I'll paint navy. 4) Buy your material and go over it with a fine-tooth comb. But you're right, the imperfections can sometimes just add to the character. are also covered in it! The After is so much prettier to look at. SO. My real estate agent noticed it had just gone on the market and figured we could swing by to take a look. This post, combo'd with just reading Melissa's post on her stairway (same kindof thing) is making me want to RIP out our back stairway carpet. Sand the entire plywood surface with 100-grit sandpaper. It's gorgeous. WOW! You are superwoman. Could we lay wood over the plywood and stain? F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S !! They are truly stunning!!! Tastic! They are beautiful. Over the years I have come to realize how dated some rooms are (I am looking at you oak spindles!) I know MANY of you have tried this on your stairs over the years and some have had the same, some uncover plywood. :) I have tan carpeted steps and would love to attempt this project, too ... my husband is skeptical, but I'll keep trying to convince him. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! My initial thought was to stain the treads and paint the risers like many of the others have done. it! Awesome. They look GREAT! !Tell the truth, have you been laying down at the bottom of the steps and just admiring all your hard work? We used 1/4″ plywood to create a skirting that could then be painted white. My initial thought was to stain the treads and paint the risers like many of the others have done. I have to tell you how F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S your stairs look. wowza!!!!! (I read every single one. I bet that changes the whole feel of your house. I hope your hubby gave you two thumbs up! !Stairs can be awesome or dreadful. A stair is the board you step on while a stairway describes the actual space in which a stair fits. Thanks for the inspiration!!Cindy. They absorbed the poly so much, they stained themselves! I am so proud of you! See more ideas about Stairs, Plywood flooring, Painted floors. . Set the wood slats as close to each other as possible until you cover the entire surface of the plywood. These turned out so beautiful. Deb K. on Jan 6, 2020. Well, the Queen of Molding (that’s me) was totally thrown for a loop with the angles on this wall -- I could not figure them out for the life of me! They are beautiful! GORGEOUS!! ~ Sarah. . Thank you for sharing your AMAZING creativity with us! Waiting for the How-To with bated breath... Wow, they really look great, and add so much character to your house.You should be proud of yourself, that was a lot of work, but you outdid yourself on this one.Have a great day hon,Blessings, Nellie. I hope to get to this in our home someday. Really beautiful stairs.~AmberThe Mom Road. Remove all staples with pliers (there will be millions, TRUST me), carpet tack and glue. Gorgeous! Here's the second video on how to build stairs using only one sheet of plywood. Spot treat any stained areas with KILZ and allow to dry at least 30 minutes. !Love your new stairs. Underneath is a solid plywood staircase, but we were left with plenty of these to remove . Edgebanding is a type of veneer - the same veneers that plywood is made of. 6) Get some extra help if you do not feel comfortable. Cover the landing floor with 3/4 inch plywood, then use a second covering to increase the landing floor thickness to the same thickness as the stair treads. Now I want to do this to my stairs... but it will have to wait until I get the other 73, 614 projects on my list finished. I can't believe you did that all by yourself! Wow, Sarah! They look great. I have to tell you – these are WAY, WAY less slippery than carpet – at least so far. Once the carpet is removed, you might be thinking, “wow, what have I gotten myself into!” If you don’t have hardwood, you might start having doubts. We put hardwoods in almost two years ago and are finishing the basement this year. Where 'o where to begin. It sounded scary, but the payoff was great. I am in awe of you DIY-ness. Well, they told us that when we moved in we could choose to put in whatever we like. If you do add the Polycrylic, you may want to consider a stair runner because this could make the stairs a little slick. So glad you didn't make us wait any longer to see this. What a transformation, they look great. Great job & now you can take a breather...but I bet you won't! I can not for the life of me figure out how to do this b/c we have carpet upstairs- do you cut it at the edge and add an edge or lip to it? 2) Pick out stain colours, paint, sanding tools (paper and blocks) and gathering the right tools. Beautiful. You truly are amazing! I wasnt very careful taking the tack strips off and scratched (I should say really dug into the stairs) with my screwdriver! For now, let’s just enjoy, shall we? Wow! job well done! Could we paint the plywood stairs black with white risers? Well since the kids are finally old enough to get the whole ‘no running down the stairs’ idea, we’re finally adding those wood steps I’ve been dreaming of all this time. WOW! I pulled the carpet and found pine for the treads but plywood for the risers and landing. That looks fabulous! They look fantastic! They turned out great! I know that was a lot of hard work! My stairs are exactly like yours- beige carpet with the pine boards. You should be proud! Seriously. It's also more forgiving if the wood isn't as smooth as glass. As always, I am inspired by being at your blog! You deserve to bask in a job well done! Just breathtaking!!! Can you tell us how you did this AND navigated up and down the stairs during the process? But WOW, that looks so amazing! We managed by ourselves but some projects require heavy lifting or electrical where I am of no help! Apply Polyurethane to remaining stairs and allow to dry for at least one day. I am SOOO wanting to do this with my stairs when we get new flooring. Great job!! I'm in the middle of a DIY project and think the Walnut Finish stain Lowes suggested (yes, the rubber doormat wall artwork) was a tad bit too light. Our Shop-Vac came in handy during this renovation. (Do I sound like a mom?) You go girl!I am totally obsessed with stairs and always have been for some reason. You did a great job and I always love visiting here :)!Amy. The facings were painted white before installation, … 7. girl that is wickedly awesome!!! What do you think? If we were at the point in our lives that we are today, these houses would have been great for the DIYer, but we did not have the experience and wanted a ready-to-move-in home.