When you land on Sparkle’s homepage, you have two options: you can visit her portfolio, or you can check her out on Instagram. Danny’s website is minimalist, though, with a clean background and a grid portfolio split into three columns. Why it’s special: Daniel shows off both his graphic and … A selection of the best art director portfolios. I remain a little unclear on what the portfolio is meant to convey in a directing interview setting. If you like weird and bizarre illustrations, Stefano’s works fit at the meeting point between grotesque and “wow, this guy has such an imagination”. Our artist here is not only a designer and illustrator but also a painter, who enjoys decorating interiors with hand-made materials of his own. If your portfolio is very large, or you are creating a portfolio that will take a lot of time, those elements will increase the cost. The neo-conceptual artist Wim Delvoye has poured his portfolio onto a city map. Verena Michelitsch shows us the true definition of large elements on her website. ���. From web design to freelancing and from development to business, your questions are covered. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. The About page looks somehow like a footer, where you can find a nice and short author bio. This is also what you can expect from the pieces Samuel creates. Yagi is a designer experienced in operating corporate websites for more than a dozen companies. A nice parallax scrolling accompanies the elegant product showcase. And so it goes until you reach the bottom of the page. Free trial. Motion graphics designer and illustrator Amber Xu's portfolio is beautiful to look at and, … Once clicked, they show up in classy full-screen slideshows. Once you enter the homepage, you see two columns: one with text reading the names of the projects she had so far, while the other one is showing the covers associated with each of the project titles. Today, we���re highlighting nine stunning Squarespace portfolio sites that each exemplify powerful personal branding. Tim Lahan uses the masonry style and lets his works speak for themselves. You should have a look. We did the testing for you. Her hand-drawn style, wild, untamed lines, and bold color palettes are all defining characteristics of her personal brand that are reflected throughout her website. Unlike the artists we featured up to this point, Rakesh designs mobile and web interfaces, including branding and logo concepts. These sample investment portfolios are for you. Paula Rusu likes the zigzags, as she showcases her works in a zigzag-like layout – one right and one left below. ToyFight is an entirely playful website; wherever you click or scroll, something happens. It has two pages: the homepage (which is the actual portfolio) and an About section. Her work consists of happy, colorful drawings and illustrations that make the clean backgrounds of the site look alive. Build Your Portfolio If you want to see more of Taylor’s designs, check the Archive section for extra design concepts. Calm, timeless, and elegant vibes define Marie Keverdenius��� photography business���s branding. This is an example of an organized and yet creative mind. Strong personal branding makes you and your work that much more memorable while adding credibility to your craft. Currently a Creative Director at Feed, a global digital agency. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Dallas Theater Center. Kimi Lewis is a Los Angeles-bred, award-winning illustrator, graphic designer, and art … When you enter Stefano Colferai’s site, you’ll see an upright menu with an animated logo on the left and a grid gallery in the right part of the screen. Exclusive project board perfect for Freelancers and Agencies. A simple bi-colored About page puts you up to speed with the author’s achievements, contact details, and bio. EVERY BRILLIANT THING Kitchen Theatre Company. Daniel Spatzek. Cristian Garcia has both static and animated arts, most of them looking like they were made of plastic or synthetic materials. I trained in theatre at the University of South Carolina and the University of Rhode Island, where I received a BFA in acting. As a lettering artist and designer, Lauren Hom’s personal branding does … 10+ Best Themes for Thrive Architect in 2020 (Beautiful & ... How to Build Your Own Website: 2 Ways to Do ... 10+ Best Laravel Admin Templates for 2020 (Free and Premium). When it comes to your design portfolio, don���t underestimate the importance of personal branding. Pawel’s design portfolio features a nice full-screen design with masonry portfolio elements, all showcased on a clean, white background. If you are wondering how it would be when web design meets contemporary art, then here’s your answer. The following three sample investment portfolios have considerable diversification and are based purely on low cost index ETFs. Cass���s work is heavily inspired by her home in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and her website successfully tells this story through a heavy palm tree motif and colorful photographs of her watercolor work. Moises Hernandez���s website is a great example of branding that lets the work speak for itself and take center stage. For any potential client, this certainly builds trust and credibility in her work. Direct investment is primarily distinguished from portfolio investment, the purchase of common or preferred stock shares of a foreign company, and by the element of control that is sought. Try Format free for 14 days! The simple approach, together with the magazine-like typography and the large headers from every page, is what makes Danny Jones’ project showcase interesting. They’ve heard about WordPress, its incredible popularity, excellent features and designs, and now they want to join the pack and build a WordPress website of their own. Founder of Verdenius Photography, Marie thoughtfully chose neutral colors and classic serif fonts to support her visual brand. This portfolio by Sparkle Tafao is a great example of how to leverage your website to direct visitors to another channel. Cristian has an interesting project showcase, presenting a vertical slideshow, with each item covering the whole screen size. Actually, you can watch all the illustrations in the same horizontal slideshow if you keep clicking Next at the end of each category. Dribbble is the world���s leading community for creatives to share, grow, and get hired. Here are some of the best marketing portfolio examples from agencies, and … It fully depends on the casting director and the type of portfolio you will need created. The above-the-fold page is a full-screen white background with the author’s name centered, leading to a visually contrasting About section that contains her sketches and working samples. Shelby has, again, a simple website; but simple in her own way. Simon Kern’s portfolio site has a real sense of fun . I also worked as the Assistant Technical Director and Prop Master, which required me to attend all production meetings. Many people wonder how to make a WordPress website. Everything about ToyFight is so dynamic, you should see for yourself if you don’t want to miss a unique portfolio presentation. Using Squarespace, you have the power to customize a portfolio template that authentically represents your brand, and showcases your work in the best possible light. For starters, it goes way beyond the logo. DIRECTING PORTFOLIO. Much of what these designers were able to achieve was done through simply selecting a Squarespace template that set them up for success. The below-the-fold part of the homepage showcases Stephanie’s portfolio in a grid gallery. This is another great example of letting the work speak for itself. ... “Alasdair Braxton is a director, actor and editor, known for Ellis & Laura Brehm: Start Over (2018), The A List (2018), The 12th Man (2017) and Arc North: Meant to Be (2017). A portfolio is one tool to showcase your composition ability … Directing Portfolio. No credit card required. This time, we have two authors who put up a modern website for their complementary design portfolios, choosing a classy masonry gallery combined with beautiful effects for their high-quality designs and illustrations. For example, if you’re seeking opportunities to cover politics, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to fill your portfolio with soft, feature pieces, even if they’re great writing. When you go to the site, a joyful and happy cartoon with floating elements welcomes you, followed by another happy boxed slider and a masonry gallery of colors and funny stories resembling crayon drawings. Instead of overshadowing his work with loud typography and color choices, photographs of his work act as an integral part of his visual brand. Ellen Skye Riley���s portfolio is a perfect example of branding that gets personal. Find more Inspiration stories on our blog Courtside. Sounds exciting! Why you should have one, and what to highlight and focus on, with examples. Director of Portfolio Strategy 09/2018 to Current Yes Prep Public Schools Houston, TX. When you visit his portfolio, you are treated to a two-column item showcase including both finished projects for clients AND fragments from the experiments he conducted over the years. At URI. For Designers & Design Teams, join the worlds best designers on Dribbble. Portfolios are also helpful in the interview because you can reference it while answering questions to answer and present employers with direct evidence of your skillset. Violeta from Barcelona is yet another illustrator who likes things simple and who speaks through her work. They’re basically showcased at their original, official size. As a lettering artist and designer, Lauren Hom���s personal branding does a great job of reflecting the distinct style of her work. In contrast with the visually overwhelming homepage presentation, the About section (Info in this case) looks like a magazine’s credits page – a straight author bio, works, and resume references.