In revising the first NBSAP, Zambia undertook a wide consultative process involving more than 500 stakeholders at national and provincial levels. Establishment of Authority 5. Policy and revision of the Wildlife Policy and Act. zambia-wildlife-act-2015.pdf. Zambia has set aside a vast area of land for wildlife conservation: the protected area network encompasses 167,000 km2 of game management areas and 64,000 km2 of national parks. More like this. Short title and commencement 2. A study was carried out to determine causes, consequences and management responses of human – wildlife conflicts in Zambia during the period 2002 to 2010. The Zambia Wildlife Act No. Zambia is a country that has been endowed with vast natural resources that include fertile soils, forests, wildlife – fish and game, minerals and many freshwater rivers. 14 of 2015 311 THE ZAMBIA WILDLIFE ACT, 2015 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS PART 12 of 1998 Date of Assent: 21st April, 1998 An Act to establish the Zambia Wildlife Authority and to define its functions; to provide for the establishment, control and management of National Parks and for the conservation and enhancement of wildlife eco-systerns, biodiversity, and of Wildlife Ranching and Farming operations as a Zambia Wildlife [No. Zambia Wildlife [No. View Notes - The Zambia Wildlife Act, 2015.pdf from LAW L360 at University of Zambia. Among other efforts, the Government of Zambia (GRZ) has designated 22% of total land area, as Game Management Areas (GMAs) for human settlements and wildlife conservation. Functions of Authority PART III COMMUNITY RESOURCES BOARD 6. The inputs from these consultations provided valuable information on national priorities for inclusion in … Zambia Wildlife Act, 1998; Zambia Wildlife (Licences and Fees) Regulations, 2003; Zambia Wildlife (Game Animals) Order, 2016; Zambia Wildlife (Game Animals) Order, 2015; Zambia Wildlife (Game Animals) Order, 2015; Free African Law. In Zambia, community based conservation of natural resources dates back to the late 1980's during the ADMADE times when it was agreed with communities that 35% of the revenues generated from Wildlife would be given to communities; 65% would go to government through the Department of National Park and Wildlife Service. Ownership of wild animals PART II THE ZAMBIA WILDLIFE AUTHORITY 4. Interpretation 3. The Government of the Republic of Zambia, through its Wildlife Agency, the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), recognises the importance of Private Sector investment and Local Community participation in the conservation and sustainable utilisation of our biodiversity through ex situ programmes. 14 of!2015 Section!119 states that: ÒThe Dir ector of Public Prosecutions may, at!the!request of the Director, in writing, appoint!by name or rank a wildlife ofÞcer to undertake the prosecution of any offence alleged to have been committed under this Act. Wildlife ranching has potential to contribute significantly to wildlife conservation efforts in Zambia. 12 of 1998 77 GOVERNMENT OF ZAMBIA ACT No. However, the Zambia Wildlife All these natural resources can last long and for generations to come only if there is prudent management, use … Zambia Wildlife Act, No.12 of 1998 THE ZAMBIA WILDLIFE ACT, 1998 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS PART 1 PRELIMINARY Section: 1.